Sleep Number launches smart bed sale with up to 40% off before Christmas

Sleep Number 360 pSE
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With cooling technology and integrated sleep tracking, Sleep Number smart beds are on the wishlist of many sleepers this Christmas. And as of today you can save up to 40% on Sleep Number smart beds in the brand's new Christmas sale. The biggest deal knocks 40% off the 360 pSE Smart Bed, with a queen reduced to $1,7999.40 (was $2,999), saving you almost $1,200. The 360 pSE is an excellent choice if you and your partner like different types of mattresses as you can adjust the feel on each side of the bed independently. 

You can also save up to 20% off new Sleep Number models such as the i8 Smart Bed with sleep tracking. While this discount is 10% lower than what we saw during Sleep Number’s Cyber Monday sale, the new 40% discount on the 360 pSE is the best saving we've seen in months on that particular smart bed, so now is definitely the time to buy.

Smart beds offer a lot for the money, including custom feel, independent cooling for each side of the mattress, plus integrated sleep tracking. If you want a bed that helps you understand your sleep and helps you sleep more comfortably, this could definitely be the best mattress for you.

Sleep Number 360 pSE smart bedWas:Now:Saving:

Sleep Number 360 pSE smart bed
Was: from $2,399.40
Now: from $1,439.40 at Sleep Number
Saving: up to $1,679 

Summary: The Sleep Number 360 pSE smart bed packs in  cooling technology and enhanced pressure relief to knock out two big sleep issues in one: pain and overheating. This 10" smart mattress uses plush layers to soothe pressure points such as the hips and shoulders (making it ideal for side sleepers), plus a responsive layer for extra support. Hot sleepers should also fare well thanks to the use of ceramic gel that dissipates heat throughout the night to keep you cool. While the 360 pSE smart bed contains more support, pressure relief and cooling tech than Sleep Number’s Classic Series beds, it doesn't offer the same level of pressure relief and temperature regulation as the brand's more expensive models. As with all the app-controlled Sleep Number smart beds, the 360 pSE offers sleep tracking via a range of sensors to monitor different aspects of your sleep (duration, quality, sleep stages). It then generates a Sleep IQ score so that you can see what's happening when you close your eyes at night and what could be improved. Another innovative feature is adjustable firmness; the mattress automatically adjusts the firmness on each side of the bed by responding to you and your partner's movements. In terms of feel it's a medium-firm to firm mattress (the c2 smart bed is slightly firmer), scoring a 5-7.5 on the firmness scale, so combi sleepers should feel very comfortable on this one.  

Benefits: 100 night trial | 15 year warranty | Free installation

Price history: While Sleep Number’s new smart beds have been 20% off, the brand has reserved their biggest deal for the 360 pSE smart bed, saving you 40%. Throughout Black Friday and Cyber Week, the 360 pSE remained at 20% off, with the biggest savings reserved for the i8 bed and 360 iLE Limited Edition smart bed. This is definitely one of the biggest savings we’ve seen on the 360 pSE, and we can’t guarantee that there’ll be a price drop like this after Christmas. If you’re in the market to buy a new smart bed before Christmas, now is definitely the best time to buy.  

As sleep technology becomes more advanced, smart beds become smarter — which leads to beds from high-tech mattress brands such as Sleep Number becoming more popular. One of Sleep Number beds’ biggest draws is their in-built sensors which can help you sleep better and longer by tracking your sleep and condensing the results into a SleepIQ score. 

This app-controlled score offers personalised insights into your sleep patterns and then makes recommendations to improve your sleep quality. These sleep snapshots — which also record heart and breath rate — makes these smart beds popular among the health-conscious, athletes, and those wishing to get more sleep. 

Plus, the customisable firmness on each side of the bed has a universal appeal as they can adjust to fit any type of sleeper and eliminate the need for couples of varying builds and sleep styles to compromise on the firmness of their shared mattress. 

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