Samsung Cyber Monday deal — how to get Galaxy S23 for free now

Cyber Monday Samsung deal
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Black Friday may be over but that doesn't mean the phone deals have dried up. In fact, there are plenty of great Cyber Monday deals already available. Including some of the best deals on phones you can get this year.

Of course, if you go shopping for devices as much as I do, then you probably know getting a “free” phone often means trading in an old one. Oftentimes, the trade-in never gets you the full amount that the deal advertises, which is why you’ll be thrilled by this Cyber Monday deal on the Samsung Galaxy S23.

Right now you can get a free Galaxy S23 at T-Mobile for Cyber Monday. And the best part? This offer doesn’t require a trade-in of any kind. You simply need to add the phone to your cart, activate it on a new line on either T-Mobile's Go5G Next or Go5G Plus unlimited data plans, and commit to that service for 24 months.

This phone costs $799 normally, so getting it for free at checkout makes it better knowing you don’t have to part ways with your current phone — which you could use as a backup or hand-me-down.

Samsung Galaxy S23: was $799 now free @ T-Mobile
No trade-in required!

Samsung Galaxy S23: was $799 now free @ T-Mobile
No trade-in required!
Grab a free Galaxy S23 by trading in your current phone and signing up for a Go5G Plus plan. Existing customers can add a line on their Go5G Next or Go5G Plus plans for a free phone. You can also apply that $800 credit to the S23 Plus or S23 Ultra models if you want one of those phones instead.

You might think that these cell phone plans have to be obnoxiously expensive for T-Mobile to hand over the Galaxy S23 for free to buyers. You’ll need to choose the $90/month Go5G Plus or $100/month Go5G Next plans to activate the Galaxy S23, which do seem costly, even for an unlimited data plan, but it does come with some perks. For example, subscriptions to Netflix and Apple TV+ are included with both plans. And yes, you’ll have video stream quality up to 4K UHD.

Beyond the cell phone plan, the Galaxy S23 is still a formidable phone packed with rich features. Its specialty is in being great at capturing photos and video with its triple camera, along with the muscle power of its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for graphically intensive gaming. Over on the productivity side, it’s one of the few phones to offer a desktop-like experience courtesy of its Samsung DeX experience — so you can connect a monitor to it and access an interface similar to a Windows 11 desktop PC.

If these reasons aren’t enough, knowing that you won't have to pay a single penny to pick up the phone is worth it. Add that to the fact that this deal doesn’t force you to trade-in your old phone to get a discount on it is even better. Be sure to check out our Cyber Monday phone deals page for more discounts. 

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    You know after signing up for a subscription this phone really shouldn't be called free. So why did you, the author, not read the entire paragraph?
    Makes one wonder how sincere you are.
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    Free if you do not count the hundreds of dollars for cost if the service.