7 cheap mattress topper deals still available – upgrade your bed from $25

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The Prime Day sales are officially over. The two-day sales extravaganza delivered some especially strong mattress topper deals, with big price drops on some of our best mattress topper picks, as well as further discounts on some of the best cheap mattress toppers under $50. While those specific offers have all ended, there are still some good discounts on a few models – we've rounded up the best ones below.

A mattress topper can completely change the feel of your bed – firming or softening up the sleep surface, or introducing a soothing memory foam hug to an innerspring mattress, for instance. They're great if you don't quite have the right mattress for your sleep style or body type. They're also the most budget-friendly way to upgrade a tired, old mattress. Many of our best mattress picks have a topper version that uses the same materials the full mattress, which can be a way to get some of that quality and sleep feel for a much lower price (a prime example is the Tempur-Adapt topper, currently still discounted at Amazon).

If you're on the fence between buying a topper or hunting out a cheap mattress, you should know that while the Prime Day mattress deals were underwhelming, we did see some strong Prime-alternative mattress sales going on at the big bed brands, and many of those are still available. 

Tempur-Adapt Topper + cooling:  $499$279 at Amazon

Tempur-Adapt Topper + cooling:  queen size was $499 now $279 at Amazon
Tempur is one of the big names in the luxury mattress world, but these beds run into the thousands of dollars – a topper is by far the most affordable way to get some of that same Tempur magic. Now only the queen size is discounted – but there's a massive 44% off (not quite as good as the 52% Prime Day deal, but still far cheaper than it usually is). In our Tempur-Adapt topper review, we found this 3-inch topper, with washable cover, delivered ultra-plush comfort that's ideal for side sleepers seeking cushiony softness. This offer comes with the special cooling cover, too. It's better than buying direct from Tempur, where there's currently 20% off with free sleep accessories.

Sleep Innovations dual-layer mattress topper:$139$118.99 at Amazon

Sleep Innovations dual-layer mattress topper: queen size was $139 now from $118.99 at Amazon
This two-part topper offers incredible value for money, even at full price. There's a squishy slab of memory foam to offer contouring comfort, alongside a quilted cover with an elasticated skirt that keeps everything in place. This cover is is machine-washable for easy cleaning. Depending on which size you opt for, the deal might not be quite as good as the Prime Day discount, but there's still 15% off all sizes.

Casper Comfy mattress topper: $299$239 at Amazon

Casper Comfy mattress topper: queen size was $299 now from $239 at Amazon
The Casper Comfy Mattress Topper has a two-layer foam design with a removable knit cover. In our Casper Comfy mattress topper review, our tester found it delivered cloud-like comfort and joint cradling, as well as strong temperature regulation. The discount varies depending on size, and in general isn't quite as strong as the Prime Day offer, but there's still up to 30% off. There's also 20% off at Casper – which delivers lower prices on certain sizes. 

Perlecare gel memory foam topper:$116.99$89.99 at Amazon

Perlecare gel memory foam topper: was from $116.99 now $89.99 at Amazon
This 3-inch thick memory foam topper has elasticated straps to keep it in place, and a removable and washable cover. This is a very affordable way to amp up the pressure relief from your old mattress, and add some softness. For Prime Day there was up to 40% off, and if you're quick you can still get up to 24% off. Unfortunately the queen size isn't discounted. 

Hyleory extra-thick Mattress Topper: $90.99$69.99 at Amazon

Hyleory extra-thick Mattress Topper: was $90.99 now from $69.99 at Amazon
Memory foam isn't for everyone, and if you want bouncy cushioning rather than a sink-in feel, consider a stuffed topper instead. This is a chunky topper with down-alternative stuffing. It promises plenty of cushioning – it's described as an "Overfilled Plush Pillow Top", which sounds pretty dreamy to be honest. An elasticated skirt should keep it firmly in place (suitable for beds up to 21" thick). The Prime Day deal knocked up to 40% off, and now there's up to 29% off – still a good deal. 

Homemate down-alternative mattress topper:$79.99$59.99 at Amazon

Homemate down-alternative mattress topper: queen was as $79.99 now $59.99 at Amazon
This is a bargain topper, although it doesn't look ultra-thick so expect it add a touch of plushness rather than significantly changing the sleep feel. It's machine-washable if you can fit it into a washing machine. A few sizes are still discounted, with a maximum of 25% off. It's not as good as the Prime Day deal, but we're only taking about a few dollars more in most cases.

Matbeby Quilted mattress pad:$39.89$25.49 at Amazon

Matbeby Quilted mattress pad: was $39.89 now from $25.49 at Amazon
This is another topper that looks to be more of a mattress pad (i.e. not that thick, designed for adding a touch of softness rather than changing the feel of the mattress entirely. There are still significant discounts (up to 34% off) on all sizes. It's available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Short queens, Full XLs and RV Kings are all available – perfect if you have a slightly awkward space. It has a 4.5/5 average over just under 36k reviews.

Deals you missed

EXPIRED Linenspa mattress topper: $39.99 $27.99 at AmazonIf you're on a tight budget, the Linenspa topper is hard to beat. This basic foam topper will soften up a too-firm mattress. Sitting at #1 in our best cheap mattress toppers under $50 ranking, this topper is always extremely cheap, but right now it's even more affordable than usual. Prime members can get 30% off, which means a queen size costs $41.99.

EXPIRED Linenspa mattress topper: was $39.99 now from $27.99 at Amazon
If you're on a tight budget, the Linenspa topper is hard to beat. This basic foam topper will soften up a too-firm mattress. Sitting at #1 in our best cheap mattress toppers under $50 ranking, this topper is always extremely cheap, but right now it's even more affordable than usual. Prime members can get 30% off, which means a queen size costs $41.99.

What exactly is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is a thick (usually 2-4 inches) layer that sits on top of your existing mattress, often secured by elasticated straps or a stretchy skirt. It differs from mattress protectors (a thin cover purely to provide a protective barrier) and mattress pads (these are thinner).

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