Huge Black Friday mattress sale takes 25% off everything at Helix

Helix Midnight mattress
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Helix has launched its official Black Friday mattress deal, offering a site-wide 25% off of all mattresses and bed bases. The discount brings the price of a queen size Helix Midnight mattress, which ranks highly in our best mattress guide, down to just $999. We haven’t seen prices drop this low since Labor Day, and it’s hard to imagine that this price can be topped, even when Black Friday rolls around next week. 

Similarly to last year, we have seen weaker sales from Helix in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, with 20% off discounts as fairly standard. However, we’re yet to see prices ever go below 25%, which suggests that Helix are heading into sale season early with this current 25% off sale. 

Helix Midnight memory foam hybrid from Helix

Helix Midnight memory foam hybrid from Helix
from $936
Now: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">from $702 @ Helix 

Summary: The Helix Midnight is our very <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant=""">best mattress for side sleepers, due to its outstanding pressure relieving support for those who prefer sleeping on their sides. However, during our review of the Helix Midnight, our tester found that it provided plenty of support when sleeping on her back, too, so it’s a great option for combi-sleepers. It also has excellent motion isolation (which is good news for couples and co-sleepers), and provides pretty decent temperature regulation. However, very hot sleepers might want to utilize the 25% Helix sale to buy the GlacioTex cooling cover — a queen size has been reduced from $298 to $224. 

Benefits: 100 night trial | 10 year warranty | Free shipping

Price history: Discounts between 20-25% off are pretty standard for Helix, with 25% off reserved for big sale events throughout the year, such as Black Friday. The best price we’ve seen on a Helix Midnight is $999, which matches the price you can buy it for today (don’t forget to use the code BF25 at the point of purchase). You will also receive two free pillows worth $150 with every mattress purchase (again, this is standard from Helix but still a great deal), making now an excellent time to buy — especially if you want to avoid any post Black Friday shipping chaos.  

As well as the Helix Midnight, a queen size Helix Midnight Luxe, which is one of our best luxury mattresses, has been discounted by almost $600 to $1,780.40. Plus, with every mattress purchase, Helix will throw in two pillows worth $150 (this is pretty standard from Helix, but still a nice little incentive). Let’s take a closer look at what a site-wide 25% off discount means on the price of a Helix Midnight.  

Helix Midnight vs Midnight Luxe: which should you buy?  

The Helix Midnight is a side sleeper bed that ranks highly in our best mattress guide thanks to its pressure-relieving support, effective temperature regulation and strong motion isolation. Each year it's among the most popular Black Friday mattress deals, but this year it's competing with a slightly more sophisticated and newer sibling, the Helix Midnight Luxe. 

You can read more about the key differences between the Helix Midnight and the Helix Midnight Luxe in our comparison piece, but the main differences are the firmness levels — we found the Midnight to be slightly firmer than the Luxe, making it a good choice for side and back sleepers, while the Luxe is best suited to side-sleepers only. The Luxe is more expensive than the standard Midnight mattress (prices start at $1,373.80) but has more luxurious finishes, such as a premium pillow top cover and extra insulated coils and layers of high quality memory foam.  

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