GasBuddy survey reveals the best and worst days for saving money on gas

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Gas prices are surging across the country. According to a recent AAA survey , gas prices are now at $4.065 per gallon. Industry experts predict the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict could cause pricing to hit $4.11 per gallon by the end of this week.

However, a recent study from a Boston-based fuel-tracking platform shows that consumers can save up to $250 per year if they fill up on the right day of the week. Purchasing your gas on Monday yields the lowest average prices, according to a GasBuddy study

To arrive at these numbers, the company analyzed gas prices from January 2021 through December 2021. The first day of the week proved to offer the best prices across the majority of the United States, including in states such Illinois, Michigan, and Virginia. Following Monday, Sunday proved to be the second-best day of the week for low gas prices. 

GasBuddy Study

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According to GasBuddy, Mondays were also the cheapest days to fill up in 2017, 2018, and 2019. However, the new study bucks last year's trend, which named Friday the best day of the week to buy gas. 

In addition to the best days to buy gas, the new study also looked at the worst days and found that Thursdays offered the highest prices across 28 states. Likewise, Wednesday proved to be the second-worst day of the week to fill up. 

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Founded in 2000, GasBuddy provides real-time gas price information at over 150,000 stations nationwide. Its iOS/Android app lets you find and track local gas prices. 

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