CBA customer? This exclusive deal can net you 30% off your NBN plan

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We’re always on the lookout for the best NBN deals here at Tom’s Guide and the latest one to drop from More NBN is by far one of the most attractive, with the only caveat being it’s reserved exclusively for Commonwealth Bank customers. But, with CommBank claiming to have 15.9 million customers, it’s a deal that should have plenty of appeal. 

If you do bank with CBA, right now More is offering 30% off its NBN plans for a full 12 months, and will continue to give you 10% off your plan every month following the initial 12-month period if you sign up before June 30th 2023. 

It means CBA customers looking for an NBN 50 plan (the most popular speed tier in Australia), for example, will only pay AU$53.90p/m, making it the cheapest in Australia. 

Other NBN providers such as Tangerine, Exetel and Spintel charge roughly the same price as is being offered by the More deal, but only for 6 months. With More, you receive a 30% discount for an entire year. 

Once the initial 12-month period has passed, you will continue to pay AU$69.30p/m for as long as you stay connected. When comparing this with other NBN 50 plans on WhistleOut, only Kogan and Mate come in cheaper, at AU$68.90p/m and AU$69p/m, respectively. However, while Mate might be cheaper, it’s worth noting that its typical evening speed is only 42Mbps. Kogan does however promise the full 50Mbps. 

If you’re not a CBA customer, the same NBN 50 plan with More would cost you AU$77p/m from the get go. 

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CBA customers wishing to benefit from faster NBN speeds can also save on More’s NBN 100 plans, with the monthly cost coming in at AU$69.30p/m for 12 months. This too represents the cheapest monthly price for a NBN 100 plan in Australia, although it should be noted that More only advertises 92Mbps download speeds during the typical busy evening hours.

More is also offering CBA customers discounts on mobile SIM plans, which use the Telstra mobile network. There is currently only one 5G SIM plan with 60GB of data each month,  and any unused data can be rolled over and banked up to a maximum of 500GB. For CBA customers, this mobile SIM plan will cost AU$42p/m for 12 months and then AU$54p/m ongoing, compared to the usual monthly price of AU$60p/m for non-CBA customers.  

In order to take advantage of More’s exclusive NBN deals you need to place your order and continue paying for it using a CBA debit or credit card. More says that if you move address during the initial 12-month period then you are able to transfer your service, but if your CBA card expires or if you change your preferred payment method to a non-CBA card, then you lose the discount and your plan will revert to the usual RRP.

Head to the More website now to choose your new NBN plan and take advantage of the exclusive CBA offer. 

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