Oculus accounts disappear this month — what you need to know

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It's time for anyone with an Oculus account to finally make the move to Meta. Because if you don't migrate to a Meta account by the end of the month you risk losing your data.

Meta bought Oculus back in 2014 when the former company was still known as Facebook and in recent years has stepped up efforts to sunset the Oculus brand. Back in 2020, the company required Oculus users to sign up for a Facebook account to use their headsets and quickly switched that to a Meta account in 2022, so users could access their Meta Quest headsets. That same year, Meta warned that Oculus accounts would no longer be accessible at a future date.

That date has come, as Meta plans to start deleting Oculus accounts on March 29. The company has warned Oculus accountholders via email that they'll need to have a Meta account set up by March 28. Otherwise, the email posted at The Verge, says "you won't be able to reactivate or retrieve anything from the account," including apps and in-app purchases, app store credits, achievements, friend lists and any content created with an Oculus account.

Luckily, moving to the Meta account and keeping access to apps and all the other data is quite easy. Here's what you need to do if you've got an Oculus account.

How to create a Meta account

If you previously had an Oculus account but now need to migrate to a Meta account, simply go to the page at Meta for creating a Meta account. Instead of using your Facebook or Instagram login, instead choose the option that says “Continue with email.”

Once there, input the email address you used for your Oculus account. Be sure it’s the same email address — if you use a different email, Meta won’t be able to match your accounts. From there, simply input a password (note: this doesn’t need to match the password on your Oculus account) and confirm your email.

Now, simply log in to your new Meta account with your email address and you should see all of your Oculus data, apps, and other content right there.

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