Suno launches iPhone app — now you can make AI music on the go

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You're in luck if you've ever wanted to make music using Suno while away from your computer. It is now available on iOS — at least, it is if you're in the U.S.

The generative AI app creates full songs complete with lyrics and vocals — or instrumentals if you prefer — from nothing but a text prompt or your own sound.

While it will initially only be available for iPhone in the U.S., Suno says it will come to other territories and Android in the future, alongside some "fun updates".

You can purchase Pro and Premier plans via in-app purchases, which will also then work on the web version, according to the App Store listing. You can also check out our guide to making music with Suno.

The friction of AI-based creativity

Suno is one of the most powerful AI music generation models on the market, capable of creating a range of styles, genres and sounds. This, and concerns over the data used to train it, have led it into a legal battle with the music industry.

If you're worried about the app taking the power away from creatives, we spoke to Suno's co-founder Keenan Freyberg earlier this year.

“We’re not trying to make music better, faster, or cheaper — whatever “better” would even mean,” he told Tom's Guide.  “We’re always trying to explore entirely new ways to experience and engage with music — things you can uniquely do with AI."

That's not stopped Suno from becoming embroiled in legal battles with the music industry, but the company says it has protections against using its tools to create music that sounds like or mimics real artists or against using real song lyrics.

One of the aims of generative AI music is as much in being able to send a quick song to a friend or loved one, as it is to compete with the music industry and the iPhone app makes that aspect even easier.

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