I put Suno’s new AI music model to the test — and it's a huge step forward in creating full songs

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AI music platform Suno is rolling out several new features, including a new model update that lets you generate songs up to 4 minutes long from a single prompt. 

The v3.5 update also includes longer song extensions and improved song structure to create a better overall track.

Artificial intelligence music generation has become one of the surprise success stories of this year so far, generating music with vocals and high production values from a text prompt. Even ElevenLabs is launching its own music model.

In its latest update, Suno is taking on Udio by focusing on track length and coherence. The aim seems to be to create a song from start to finish with a single prompt and minimal extensions. Udio has also launched a new model capable of longer single-shot songs.

What you need to know about Suno v3.5

I tried the new Suno model out on a dozen or so prompts including some with custom lyrics, weird genre mashups and unexpected topics and it handled most of them well.

Version 3.5 is now available for any pro or premier members as well as the option to download generated tracks as a wav file. The new model will roll out to all users in the coming week.

The company says it is also working on v4, which will include improvements in vocal quality, prompt following and coherence. This all comes off the back of a series B funding round that takes their total funding to date up to $125 million.

One feature that could be coming with v4 is the ability to load any sound and use that as part of the prompt for the song. For example, using a watering can banging on a metal pipe as inspiration for a psychedelic rock track.

Putting Suno v3.5 to the test

To find out how much of a step up v3.5 is over the previous generation I created seven prompts, including two where I gave it custom lyrics, and had Suno do its thing.

It still has the same ‘slight autotune’ sound to the vocals that aren’t present from Udio but the overall quality has seen a massive improvement and it is much more consistent from a single prompt than Udio tracks.

1. Pop-rock dreamchaser

The prompt: “Uplifting, inspirational, pop-rock, anthemic, soaring vocals - Topic: Overcoming adversity and chasing your dreams.”

The chorus reads: "We rise above we fly so high. Touch the stars kiss the sky. No more shadows we embrace. Victory shines on our face"

2. Bluegrass troubadour

The prompt: “Bluegrass, folk, acoustic, harmonies, storytelling lyrics - Topic: The life and adventures of a traveling musician.”

Here is the chorus: "Oh. The life of a ramblin' troubadour Stories in his heart. Always searchin' for more. From town to town. On that ol' railroad line. Singin' for his supper. With melodies so fine."

3. Latin flare and unity

The prompt: “Reggaeton, Latin pop, dance, tropical, Spanish vocals - Topic: Celebrating cultural diversity and unity.”

This one was in Spanish. The chorus was: "En esta tierra. No hay fronteras. Bailamos juntos. Somos una." Which translates as: "In this land. There are no borders. We dance together. We are one."

4. Throwback trip

The prompt: “Psychedelic rock, 60s-inspired, trippy, fuzz guitar, dreamy vocals - Topic: A surreal journey through a colorful, alternate reality.”

The weird chorus says: "Kaleidoscope we wander lost and found. Shapes that breathe and walls that whisper sound. Reality untangled all around. Doors of perception here unbound."

5. New Wave search for life

The prompt:” Post-punk, new wave, angular guitar, moody, baritone vocals - Topic: The search for meaning in a chaotic, urban landscape.”

This one gave the chorus: "Urban ghosts drifting by. Empty faces ask me why. In this chaos I still roam. Trying to find a place called home."

6. Custom lyrics: Jazz win

The prompt: “Smooth jazz, warm, mellow, piano-driven, scat vocals,” plus the lyrics about personal pain.

Claude 3 wrote this: "In this moment, everything feels right. Lost in the rhythm of the night. Your eyes, they sparkle like the stars. Let's make this feeling last, wherever we are."

7. Custom lyrics: Winning as a boss

The prompt: “Trap, hard-hitting, boastful, 808 bass, auto-tuned vocals,” plus the lyrics on being self made.

Claude 3 also wrote this chorus: "Ballin' hard, living life in the fast lane. Stacking cash, got these girls going insane. They all want a piece of my empire. But I'm too busy setting the world on fire."

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