BioShock Infinite DLC to Take Us Back to Rapture

There's no pleasing gamers when it comes to DLC. When it's released too early, angry gamers call out developers and publishers for holding out and trying to nickel and dime its fans. When it's released "too late," the same disgruntled horde comes back with torches and pitchforks demanding the DLC. 

Such was the case with BioShock Infinite. Many BioShock fans purchased the game's season pass. Since BioShock's release in March, there's been little news of story DLC for the game. And thus came the pitchforks. 

Today, 2K revealed plenty of details about the game's upcoming DLC. First, The Clash in the Clouds is a new, combat-based DLC that's available today for $5. Players will fight off 15 waves of enemies in different maps. As per the usual, those who buy the DLC will be able to compare statistics of how well they do against their friends. 

The other DLC announced (that might actually interest fans) is the story-based DLC Burial at Sea, which takes Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth back to Rapture. For those who played the game until the end, the explanation behind the setting should make at least a modicum of sense. (No spoilers. Just think of the lighthouses.) In any case, Burial at Sea takes on a very noir aesthetic. Those who purchase the DLC will be able to play as Booker and Elizabeth in the last few moments of Rapture. 

Burial at Sea will be divided into two parts for $15 each. Purchasing a Season Pass might be the wiser decision, as it'll only run you $20. 

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