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Learn about the latest digital photography news, from the hottest new cameras to online services. Plus, get photography downloads to maximize your pictures.


From basic one-touch image editing to high-powered tools that enable much finer control, these are the best photo editing apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.


With the launch of Instagram Direct, the company is competing with Snapchat for the popular fad of picture messaging.

Downloads for Photo

software editor's choice
  • Morpheus Photo Mixer Pro - free

    Morpheus Photo Mixer Pro is an application hat allows you to play on the images and make it more funny or wacky by combining two images like mix up faces and body parts.

    available for : windows
  • Ashampoo Photo Commander - free

    Have all for your photos with Ashampoo Photo Commander.

    available for : windows
  • Photo Illusion - free

    Photo Illusion is an Apple iPhone application that allows you to add filters and effects to your favorite pictures.

    available for : iphone os
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news - APRIL 22 2

Lytro's Illum camera captures 40 million rays of light and its direction to let you adjust focus and depth of field after you shoot.

news - APRIL 21 6

Interchangeable-lens mirrorless cameras offer the flexibility of DSLRs and close to the same quality, in a smaller, lighter package.

news - MARCH 11 7

For photographers who demand the highest performance, these are the best digital single-lens reflex cameras for every type of user.

news - MARCH 11 32

Looking to buy a high-end camera? Your first step is to decide between a DSLR and a mirrorless camera. Here's how the two types compare.

news - FEBRUARY 25 0

Rambus demonstrates their new almost invisible camera sensor at Mobile World Congress 2014.

news - JANUARY 29 1

The new enthusiast's camera packs many features of the company's high-end shooters into a device that's shockingly small, especially for a camera with an optional retracting zoom lens.

news - JANUARY 16 7

Tweak and print your 3D projects directly from Photoshop CC with Adobe's latest update to its Creative Cloud software.

news - JANUARY 8 0

Toshiba's latest camera may make fuzzy selfies and blurry group photos taken with cellphones a thing of the past.

news - JANUARY 6 0

Nikon's latest tech comes to its popular line of beginner DSLRs, along with a retracting lens that makes the whole package 35 percent smaller.

news - DECEMBER 30 7

Get the angle and lightning right and go for close-ups to make yummy food photos.

news - DECEMBER 27 0

Aspiring to be the next Henri Cartier-Bresson or Bill Cunningham street photographer? Fashion photographer Marcy Swingle offers her pro tips.

reviews - DECEMBER 9 7

How Many Megapixels Do You Really Need?

reviews - DECEMBER 5 0

Whether you're on vacation, at a wedding or just enjoying some family time, all too often, pictures don't do memories justice. The right photo-editing software can take your snapshots from "meh" to...

news - NOVEMBER 25 3

Android cameras will get a boost with improved post-processing, burst shooting and integration with developer’s apps.

picture story - NOVEMBER 22 16

Managing and editing photos doesn't have to feel like work. These free programs make it easy.

picture story - NOVEMBER 19 2

From quick enhancements to pro-level tweaks, bring out the best in your pictures with the top photo editing apps for Android and iOS.

news - NOVEMBER 5 4

Old is new again for high-end cameras. Manufacturers are taking inspiration from the past when designing new DSLRs and mirrorless models.

news - NOVEMBER 5 16

Nikon's latest DSLR, the Df, harkens back to the good old days of manual-style 35mm film cameras and, as such, is unable to shoot video.

news - OCTOBER 24 7

Dark conditions are still a challenge, but by day, the iPhone 5s is as good as — and sometimes better than — even high-end point-and-shoots.

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