This new iPod-like case will turn your Apple Watch into a tiny phone

TinyPod key art
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A new device is in the works plans to utilize strapless Apple Watches and turn them into an iPhone/iPod alternative, complete with click-wheel navigation. The device known as the TinyPod has been teased in a new trailer on social media, showcasing its small size and seemingly vast potential. 

As per 9to5Mac, the TinyPod transforms a strapless Apple Watch into an iPod hybrid device. Rather than using the watch's digital crown to navigate the device, it comes with a click wheel for controlling apps and actions — akin to that found in older iPod Classic, Nano and Shuffle models. The device is listed as "coming soon", as it is expected to debut in the next few months. 

TinyPod, as featured in the teaser trailer, markets itself as more than a case enclosure for the Apple Watch, as the trailer ends with the tagline of "your phone away from phone". Capitalizing on Apple Watch functionalities — i.e. making calls, sending text messages, listening to music, creating notes and timers, and health and fitness tracking, among other things — the device complements your iPhone and offers users a wrist-free device that they can slip into a pocket, or perhaps wear around their neck. 

TinyPod compatibility and availability

For the most part, we can only speculate what users can't do with a TinyPod — i.e. surfing the web, playing videos or games, and scrolling social media — could be a rather large selling point. It could help users by being a less distracting and stress-inducing alternative to an actual iPhone. It might also benefit users when they don't need their phone with them, like going to the gym or on a run. 

The teaser trailer doesn't unveil too much about the device, but we can reasonably expect more details to be revealed soon. The price for the device has yet to be disclosed, nor where we can expect to purchase it. In terms of availability, we speculate that it will be accessible in the US, but we don't know whether it will be available in other countries. 

It's worth mentioning that this isn't the first time a device has tried to transform an Apple Watch into a phone replacement — the Cake device, which is still in the prototype phase, also plans to transform the Apple Watch into a "playful, functional handheld device that provides connectivity without distraction, encouraging you to leave your phone at home." Much like the TinyPod, the Cake device has no planned release date yet, but we can reasonably expect it to debut later this year. 

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