The Apple Watch pride band for 2024 is my favorite yet — here's what makes it special

Apple Watch Pride Edition Band 2024
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It's officially Pride Month, and as the company does every year, Apple has provided Apple Watch users with a fun way to celebrate via a special-edition Pride Edition band for 2024.

This year's Pride Edition band might be of my favorite yet, eight years into the annual tradition. It's a version of the popular Braided Solo Loop that expresses the full rainbow treatment, featuring vibrantly dyed strands meant to represent all corners of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Vibrance and diversity are the major themes of Apple's current Pride Month campaign, seen not just in the new Pride Edition band but also in a new watch face and iOS/iPadOS wallpapers. They look kind of like a blend of neon lights and light painted photography you've probably seen on social media before, with the wallpapers reading 'pride' and the watch face displaying the time.


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The band in particular features a laser-etched lug that reads “PRIDE 2024.” In addition to familiar colors you'll find on the pride flag, you'll see black and brown strands symbolizing Black, Hispanic, and Latin communities, as well as those impacted by HIV/AIDS. Meanwhile, the pink, light blue, and white colors represent transgender and nonbinary individuals.

The Braided Solo Loop lends itself well to the notion of communities being woven together. To me, it's a reminder of how we as humans are all interconnected and thus should embrace one another with respect and support. 

With the Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop available now, you can order one in and added it to your watch as I have to my Apple Watch Ultra 2. It offers the same fit and feel as the Braided Solo Loop seen on our round up of the best Apple Watch bands, which is one of my personal favorite styles.

Apple Watch Pride Edition Band 2024

(Image credit: Future)

If you're just finding out about Apple's Pride Edition bands, but want something different than a Braided Solo Loop, you can also get the confetti-like Pride Edition Sport Band and Pride Edition Sport Loop from years prior. Both are a bit more affordable, priced at $49 instead of $99 for the Braided Solo Loop (though worth noting that even non-Pride Edition Braided Solo Loops cost $99.)

Compared to other watch bands, the Braided Solo Loop requires you find the proper size before ordering. There are twelve total sizes to choose from, and you can use this printable measuring tool Apple provides online to find yours.

Apple started the Pride Edition band tradition back in 2017. The company currently supports a number of LGBTQ+ advocacy organizations, including the Equality Federation InstituteEncircleThe National Center for Transgender EqualityPFLAGThe Trevor Project and more.

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