Wow! Eight Sleep's new smart cooling mattress cover drops to its lowest ever price in early Memorial Day sale

A couple sleeping on a mattress fitted with the Eight Sleep pod 4 Ultra smart cooling mattress cover and smart adjustable base
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Want to take control of your sleep problems? With up to $150 off the Pod 4 and Pod 4 Ultra at Eight Sleep in the Memorial Day sale, you can use the latest in smart sleep technology to supercharge your rest for less. 

While I'm not quite ready to declare the Eight Sleep Pod 4 one of the best mattresses of 2024, It's definitely one of the most exciting sleep releases. The newly launched Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra mattress cover and bed base promises enhanced cooling, smarter sleep tracking, and snore mitigation – plus one hour extra sleep each night. 

This is an exciting new angle for Eight Sleep, with the Pod 4 Ultra combining the upgraded Eight Sleep cooling cover with a smart adjustable bed base, targeting both temperature regulation and pressure relief. And while this isn't the biggest saving we'll spot in the Memorial Day mattress sales, it's the lowest price I've seen on the Pod 4. 

You can learn more with our guide to what the Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra is (and whether you should buy it), or keep on reading for a lowdown on the basics.

Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra

Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra
from $4,049
from $3,899
up to $150 at Eight Sleep

Summary: The Eight Sleep Pod 3 has earned a place in both our best smart bed guide and our best cooling mattress guide, and it did all that despite not actually containing a mattress. And the Pod 4 promises to deliver even better sleep tracking and smart cooling results. With the addition of the Pod 4 Ultra smart Base, you can also enjoy snore mitigation, custom elevation for reading and relaxing, and a zero gravity sleep position, to reduce pressure on the spine overnight.

The Pod 4 Ultra is an investment purchase, but if night sweats, hot flushes, and general overheating is keeping you awake, it might be worth the money. The Pod 4 Ultra is also useful for anyone suffering from joint or back pain, as the head and foot elevation relieves pressure in the lumbar region. Plus the sleep tracking can help those with disturbed sleep to understand the problem and start looking for solutions. The Pod 4 Ultra might cost a lot of money, but it also delivers a huge amount of benefits.

Price history: The Pod 4 and Pod 4 Ultra have just hit the market, so it's hard to know exactly what discounts Eight Sleep might offer. However, we have tracked the price of the Pod 3 over the years, and deals have been rare. The biggest saving we spotted was $250 off for Black Friday, while the most common discount is $50 off. $150 is a good deal. Keep in mind there is also a subscription cost, as to use the Eight Sleep system, you need to subscribe to the Autopilot app.

Benefits: 30-night trial | 2-year warranty | Free delivery

What is the Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra?

The Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra combines a cooling mattress cover and an adjustable bed base to optimize sleep. Using an in-built sleep tracker, the smart cooling and posture adjustment systems can change to meet your needs throughout the night. Or you can choose the cover without the base: learn more with our Eight Sleep Pod 4 vs Pod 4 Ultra smart mattress cover face-off.

It's important at this point to note that the Eight Sleep system doesn't include a mattress, but it should fit your current mattress (or you can add a mattress to your purchase at Eight Sleep). Also, the Base is designed to fit between your mattress and your current bed frame, not to replace your current bed frame. But you can use it as a bed frame if you buy the optional leg kit.

So, to sum up: the Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra doesn't include a bed frame or mattress – unless you add a mattress and bed frame to your purchase. 

Ruth Jones
Sleep staff Writer

Ruth Jones has recently joined the Tom's Guide team as a sleep staff writer, covering all things mattresses and sleep. Ruth previously worked as a sleep and mattress writer for our sister website TechRadar, and has a deep interest in sleep and how it affects our day to day wellbeing. Ruth is a self-confessed stomach sleeper with a penchant for medium-firm mattresses, and also loves a good eye mask for helping her to fall asleep easier at night.