Eight Sleep Pod 4 vs Pod 4 Ultra: which smart mattress cover should you buy in Memorial Day sales?

The Eight Sleep Pod 4 smart cooling mattress cover on a mattress in a bedroom, the Pod 4 control Hub to the side of the bed
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The Eight Sleep Pod 4 smart mattress cover promises longer, better sleep thanks to its innovative cooling and sleep tracking system. There's a rare discount on the new Eight Sleep Pod 4 and Pod 4 Ultra in the Memorial Day mattress sales, and with summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to invest. So which smart cooling mattress cover should you get?

While both the Pod 4 and Pod 4 Ultra feature the smart cooling mattress cover with in-built sleep tracker, the Pod 4 Ultra adds an adjustable base – and a few hundred dollars to the price tag. In this Pod 4 vs Pod 4 Ultra showdown we'll explore if the Pod 4 Ultra is worth the upgrade, or if the original Pod 4 is right for your needs.

But before we dive in – these are both mattress covers. If it's a new bed you're after, click across to our best mattress guide, where you'll find plenty of great options. Now let's get into the Eight Sleep Pod 4 vs Pod 4 Ultra head-to-head.

Eight Sleep Pod 4 smart mattress cover: $2,449$2,349 at Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep Pod 4 smart mattress cover: from $2,449 $2,349 at Eight Sleep
With upgraded cooling, smarter tracking, and an almost imperceptible feel, the Eight Sleep Pod 4 is a high tech addition to your sleep routine. The Memorial Day sale knocks $100 off all sizes of the Pod 4, taking a queen to $2,449. Not a huge drop, but among the biggest discounts we've seen from Eight Sleep.

Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra smart mattress cover and base: $4,049$3,899 at Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra smart mattress cover and base: from $4,049 $3,899 at Eight Sleep
The Pod 4 Ultra does everything the Pod 4 does and it adds an adjustable base to reduce pain and limit snoring. It is a pricey upgrade, but the Memorial Day deal is taking $150 off every size. A queen is now $3,899, but sizes are limited; your only choices are queen, king, and California king. 

Eight Sleep Pod vs Pod 4 Ultra smart mattress cover: specs

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Header Cell - Column 0 Eight Sleep Pod 4Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra
Type:Smart mattress coverSmart mattress cover, adjustable base
Trial:30 days30 days
Warranty:2 years (Standard), 5 years (Enhanced)2 years (Standard), 5 years (Enhanced)
Queen price:$2,549 (MSRP)$4,049 (MSRP)

Eight Sleep Pod vs Pod 4 Ultra smart mattress cover: price & trials

  • Both are premium purchases, Pod 4 Ultra is more expensive
  • Both have a 30-night trial and a two year standard warranty
  • Both require an Autopilot app monthly subscription

The Eight Sleep and Eight Sleep Pod are both premium buys. As the simpler system, the Pod 4 is also the most affordable, with prices starting at $2,449 for a full and $2,549 for a queen. The Pod 4 is available in full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

The Pod 4 Ultra adds a whole new aspect to the Eight Sleep system – an adjustable bed base. This new feature also brings a bigger price tag. Prices for the Pod 4 Ultra start at $4,049 for a queen. King and California king sizes are also available.

While undoubtedly expensive for a mattress cover, the price is comparable to the best smart beds and mattresses. And the Pod 4 system is more than just any old bed cover. It's a comfortable climate, the best sleep tracker, and even a smart alarm clock rolled into one. 

Two people sleep comfortably on a bed fitted with the Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra smart cooling mattress cover and adjustable base system

(Image credit: Eight Sleep)

As well as the initial expense, you do have to pay a subscription to use the Eight Sleep Autopilot app. A Standard subscription costs $15 a month, while the Enhanced subscription is $24 a month. A subscription covers two users and is required for the first 12 months.

For such a pricey purchase, the benefits are disappointing. There's only a 30-night sleep trial, which is significantly less than we see from most sleep brands (some beds even come with a 365-night mattress trial). The warranty period is also short: two years with the Standard subscription plan, five years if you upgrade to Enhanced.

Eight Sleep sales are rare, so while this $100 to $150 sale might seem small, it's worth getting excited about. We don't expect to see an Eight Sleep deal this good until Black Friday, making now the time to shop if you want impressive cooling over summer.

Eight Sleep Pod vs Pod 4 Ultra smart mattress cover: materials & design

  • Pod 4 includes a smart mattress cover and connected Hub
  • Pod 4 Ultra features the smart cover, Hub, and a 3" adjustable bed base
  • Neither option includes a mattress, but a mattress can be added to your order

The Eight Sleep Pod 4 is a water-based smart cooling system consisting of a mattress cover and a control Hub. Sitting snug to your mattress, the cover can be heated and cooled as needed, while the smart sensors help maintain the perfect temperature overnight. Upgraded cooling means the Pod 4 can achieve these conditions in even extreme weather.

With sensors installed across the mattress, the Pod 4 also acts as a sleep and health tracker. Data is recorded during the night, which you can access via the connected Autopilot app in the morning. There's also an in-built thermal alarm and a top to control feature – simply pat the side of the cover and you can turn the heating up or down.

The Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra comes with the same cover and Hub as the Pod 4, with the addition of a smart adjustable bed base. This isn't a bed base in the traditional sense. It's only three inches tall and sits between your mattress and your current bed frame. (Although you can add a leg extension kit, to transform the Ultra into a full bed base.)

This adjustable bed base is capable of elevating both the head and feet, helping you achieve the zero gravity sleep position. You can pick your own elevation or let the bed do it for you; a built-in snore response gentle raises the head of the bed to open the airways if snoring is detected in the night.

While a mattress isn't included as standard with the Pod 4 or Pod 4 Ultra, you can add one to your order. But the Eight Sleep Pod 4 should be compatible with any mattress of the same size. Our best memory foam mattress and best hybrid mattress guides are excellent starting points if you're after a new bed.

Eight Sleep Pod vs Pod 4 Ultra smart mattress cover: comfort & support

  • Both feature a smart cooling mattress cover designed to fit any bed
  • The thin, dynamic cover ensures you can feel the bed beneath
  • Pod 4 Ultra Base has head and feet elevation to target aches and pains

Before jumping into comfort and support, just a reminder: the Eight Sleep system is not a mattress. It's a cover and, in the case of the Pod 4 Ultra, a base. So the Eight Sleep is suitable for all sleep styles, whether you need the best firm mattress or prefer the best mattress for side sleepers

What's more, Eight Sleep promises that the Pod 4 has no impact on the feel of your bed, thanks to the thin and dynamic materials used to make the cover. You'll still be getting all the support and pressure relief of your old bed, but with a smart upgrade.

While the Pod 4 aims to have a minimal effect on the mattress feel, the Pod 4 Ultra makes a notable impact to the comfort (but this is a good thing). As an adjustable base, you can use the Pod 4 Ultra to raise your head or feet, placing the body in a 'neutral' position and limiting pressure on the lumbar region. 

If you've been looking for the best mattress for back pain, the adjustable angles of the Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra could be the answer to your aches. it's useful if your current bed is good quality, but not quite right for your sleep style. 

However, if your old mattress has a sinking, unsupportive core, neither iteration of the Pod 4 can fix it – you will need to buy a new bed. For a smart choice, consider Sleep Number. You can see how Eight Sleep and Sleep Number smart mattresses compare with our face-off.

The Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra cover and base on a bed in a bedroom, with a slight elevation at the head of the mattress

(Image credit: Eight Sleep)

Eight Sleep Pod vs Pod 4 Ultra smart mattress cover: temperature regulation

  • Both offer equally impressive temperature regulation
  • Smart trackers adjust the temperature throughout the night
  • Designed to cool and heat in even extreme conditions

Temperature regulation is at the core of the Eight Sleep system. The Pod 4 has been designed to build on the already impressive cooling of the Pod 3, which was so good it earned a place in our guide to the best cooling mattresses.

Capable of chilling the bed to 55 degrees F and heating it to 110 degrees F even under adverse conditions, the Pod 4 should keep you at just the right temperature during the night. And thanks to the integrated sensors, the Eight Sleep cover can continuously adjust the temperature as you sleep, responding to both your body and the environment.

The Pod 4 also has dual-zone temperature control, which means you can go ahead and cancel the sleep divorce. The Eight Sleep Pod 4 and Ultra allow you to separately adjust the temperature on each side of the bed, so you and your partner are both happy. 

The Eight Sleep cooling technology is contained in the Hub and the mattress cover, so if temperature regulation is your main priority, the Ultra doesn't represent much of an upgrade. There's no additional cooling mechanism in the Base.

Eight Sleep Pod vs Pod 4 Ultra smart mattress cover: which should you buy?

Buy the Eight Sleep Pod 4 if...

Temperature regulation is your priority: The Eight Sleep Pod 4 offers incredible temperature control with smart sensors ensuring you never wake up hot and uncomfortable. If temperature regulation is your main priority, the Pod 4 contains all you need – the Ultra offers no improvement.

You're on a tighter budget: While the Pod 4 is expensive, it's significantly cheaper than the Pod 4 Ultra. And the Pod 4 still delivers an excellent performance, just without the adjustable support of the Ultra Base. 

You're happy with the feel of your mattress: The Pod 4 makes minimal difference to the comfort and support of your mattress. Instead, you should feel like you're sleeping directly on your current bed, only better. 

Buy the Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra if...

You have aches and pains: Use the Ultra adjustable Base to raise your head and feet. This curved 'neutral' position reduces the pressure placed on the lumbar region for fewer aches and pains. And it's customizable, so you can adjust the angle to suit your needs. 

✅ You want to minimize snoring: The Pod 4 Ultra uses sleep tracking to detect any snores. If you start snoring, the Base automatically (and gently) raises the head to open the airways, minimizing noise and disruption without waking you up.

✅ You like to read in bed: If a few minutes of reading in bed is an essential part of your nighttime routine, the adjustable Ultra features a specialist elevated reading position to reduce neck ache for an even better wind-down. 

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