What are Novaform mattresses at Costco and are these cheap beds worth buying?

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Novaform is a budget-friendly mattress brand that's only available at Costco and features a range of memory-foam beds. All of their beds are delivered in boxes and boast excellent customer ratings, but are Novaform mattresses worth buying?

The best mattresses for cushioning comfort and tight budgets tend to be all-foam beds, and all Novaform beds contain body-contouring memory foam. Starting prices of mattresses range from $159.99 to $779.99, so you'll never have to pay over $1,000 for any size or model. You can now buy a Novaform 14" ComfortGrande at Costco for as low as $399.99, which is great price for their best-rated mattress.

However, Novaform isn't as well-known as some of the most top-rated bed-in-a-box brands in America, so it's always good to be cautious before snapping cheap mattresses deals. Here we'll take a look at what the Novaform mattress range, what are their best mattresses, and how you can buy or return them. 

What are Novaform mattresses?

Novaform is a budget mattress brand, whose mattresses are only available to buy at retail giant Costco. Their mattresses are all-foam and, like the best memory foam mattresses, use memory foam that has a CertiPUR-US certification. You can buy these mattresses from Costco, both in-store and online (though some models are online exclusives). Some mattresses are also marked with a Costco Direct tag, which means that the bed is stocked at Costco's distribution center for a faster order and delivery. 

What are the best Novaform mattresses at Costco?

As of March 2024, all Novaform mattresses have a rating of four star and up, with each model having over a 1,000 reviews. The highest rated mattress, the Novaform 14” ComfortGrande Advanced Gel Memory Foam Mattress, boasts a 4.4 rating and 12,333 customer reviews. 

It's also infused with Phase Change gel for temperature control and trademarked EVENcor GelMax. This propriety cooling gel makes the memory foam less sensitive to your bedroom's temperature, which is important if you don't want your bed to become too hard during cold weather or to too soft when it's hot. Phase change material and gel infusions are found in some of the top cooling mattresses, so this bed should keep you feeling cool throughout the night. 

In terms of firmness, the bed has a medium rating which should suit most side sleepers and lightweight sleepers, but back, stomach, and heavyweight sleepers may want something with firmer support to keep their spines healthily aligned. 

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How much are Novaform mattresses at Costco?

At MSRP, all Novaform mattresses either sit in the budget price tier or upper-mid tier, with some of its prices matching those found in our best cheap mattress guide. Starting prices of mattresses range from $159.99 to $779.99, so all of sizes and models are mattresses under $1,000 for any size or model. 

The cheapest model is Novaform DreamAway 8" Gel Memory Foam Mattress, which has a 4.3 rating and over 3,000 reviews. The starting price is $159.99 for a twin and $209.99 for a full. The bed is unfortunately only available in these two sizes, and it's 8" build isn't ideal as we often recommend a minimum mattress depth of 10" for a comfortable, supportive sleep. We suggest this mattress should only be used as either a guest room mattress or a stopgap bed if your current mattress is unusable, but you're not currently in the financial position to buy a more supportive bed. 

How do you buy a Novaform mattress at Costco?

To buy a Novaform Mattress, you have to visit a Costco store or Costco's website. However, Costco is one of the largest membership warehouse chains in the world, meaning you need a membership to shop there. On the other hand, it's possible to shop at Costco online without a membership, but you won't have access to exclusive membership discounts - which can be a pain when website prices are higher than instore prices. 

To get a Costco membership, you must either sign up for a Gold Star Membership (an annual everyday-value membership which can cover up to two adults living at the same address)  or a Business membership (for business owners only). Both memberships cost $60 annually. 

There's also the Executive Membership, which costs double the price of a Gold Star and Business memberships at $120 annually. This membership comes with exclusive benefits such as an annual 2% reward and Costco Services discounts. 

How do you return a Novaform mattress to Costco?

Unlike top-rated US mattress brands such as DreamCloud and Nectar, Costco doesn't provide a whole lot of benefits that are standard with the best luxury mattresses, such as trial periods (though they do come with a relatively generous 20-year warranty). Costco.com products , including uncontaminated mattresses, can be returned to any of more than 800 Costco warehouses worldwide, but we recommend reading their US return policy before committing. 

Our top picks for best Novaform mattress

Novaform 14” ComfortGrande:$399.99 at Costco

Novaform 14” ComfortGrande:from $399.99 at Costco
The brand's highest rated mattress, the ComfortGrande is an advanced cooling gel mattress that features PhaseChange technology and trademark cooling gel for a refreshing sleep. This is a medium mattress, which is a firmness rating seen in the best mattresses for side sleepers.

Novaform DreamAway 8":  $159 at Costco

Novaform DreamAway 8": from $159 at Costco
This is the cheapest of the Novaform range, and its medium-firm rating should suit all sleep positions. Be aware that this mattress is only 8 inches thick, so it's best suited as a low-use mattress, such as a guest room bed.

Novaform 12" Advanced Back Support:$399.99 at Costco

Novaform 12" Advanced Back Support: from $399.99 at Costco
The firmest of the Novaform range, this bed is ideal for those who sleep on their stomach who need extra firm support to keep their spine healthily aligned to prevent lower back pain.

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