I’m a mattress tester — get $500 off the No 1 Saatva bed I recommend to all sleepers

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If you’re shopping for a great deal on the Saatva Classic luxury innerspring hybrid mattress this weekend, you’re in luck as the sleep brand has just announced a new discount. As of today you can save $500 on the Saatva Classic and get free old mattress removal, plus a lifetime warranty and a year’s sleep trial. With a queen reduced to $1,595 (MSRP $2,095), I think this is good value for a handcrafted mattress made with certified organic materials.

I constantly test and research the best mattresses in the world and the Saatva Classic is my number one choice for all sleepers wanting a hotel-quality bed. It comes in two heights and three firmness levels (from soft to firm), and offers excellent pressure relief for sleepers with general aches and pains.

The last time I saw the Saatva Classic drop to $1,595 was during Black Friday, so now is a great time to buy. You’ll get free White Glove Delivery too, plus a year’s sleep trial to make sure you’ve chosen the right bed for your body (keep in mind that Saatva charges a $99 return or exchange fee).

The Saatva Classic by Saatva
Was: Now:Saving:

The Saatva Classic by Saatva
from $1,395
Now: from $895
Saving: $500 off every order worth $1,000 or more at Saatva

Summary: My team and I rate the Saatva Classic as the best hybrid mattress money can buy. It scored very high test marks during our year-long Saatva Classic mattress review and performed exceptionally well in key areas such as pressure relief, edge support, temperature regulation and back support. That’s because the Classic is designed with a feature called a lumbar crown that sits towards the middle third of the mattress to enhance support of your lower back. Your spine will remain in perfect alignment, reducing pain during sleep. However I wouldn’t recommend the Saatva Classic if you have chronic back pain or painful joint issues – instead I’d recommend the Saatva RX ($2,795 for a queen at Saatva), the new best mattress for back pain. You can read more about this in our Saatva RX review. For pretty much every other sleeper, the Saatva Classic is an excellent choice for bringing luxury hotel sleep into your bedroom. There is some slight motion transfer and one member of my testing panel complained about the temporary ‘earthy smell’ of the guardian botanical treatment used in the cover, but this as tiny niggles for an otherwise superb handcrafted memory foam and spring mattress.

Price history: At first, Saatva’s new $500 discount looks like the biggest saving we’ve seen from the luxury sleep brand in a while. However, it isn’t quite as big as you think. Basically, Saatva has increased the MSRP of all of its mattresses by $100, so this $500 discount is actually more like a $400 saving on its regular pricing. I admit, I was excited when I first saw ‘$500 off Saatva orders worth $1,000 or more’ because I thought the Saatva Classic was dropping to $1,495 for a queen size – that’s close to the cheapest price I saw last year ($1,395 for a queen during the Labor Day sales). Instead, because of the MSRP hike, $500 off gets you a queen Classic for $1,595 – the same price I saw when the mattress was $400 off for Black Friday. But this is still a very good price for the Classic, especially considering the benefits (see below), and I highly recommend buying now before the sale ends on Tuesday 12 March.

Benefits: 365-night trial | Lifetime warranty | Free old mattress removal

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Claire Davies
Senior Sleep Editor, Certified Sleep Science Coach

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