How much is a king-size mattress? Plus the top 5 to buy before the Memorial Day sales

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King mattresses are ideal for large bedrooms, couples, and sleepers who enjoy plenty of space. While there are many benefits to sleeping in a king size bed, the downside is that they can be pricier than smaller sizes. 

Larger sized mattresses are generally have a more expensive MSRP thanks to all the room they provide, but that doesn't mean you can't snag a great deal on a king size bed. Most of the best mattresses are always on sale, and you'll likely never have to pay full retail for a top-quality king mattress.

Here, we'll break down the typical price of a king size bed in different price tiers, at both MSRP and in the sales. Plus, we've rounded up some of the best king size mattresses to buy right now ahead of the upcoming Memorial Day mattress sales.

How big are king size mattresses?

A US king size bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long (that's approximately 193cm wide and 203cm long). They tend to suit couples, solo sleepers with spacious bedrooms, and co-sleeping families. They are much larger than twin, twin XL, full, and queen beds, and are wider and shorter than California King beds. However, they a standard king and Cal King are usually priced the same, but split king mattresses (two twin XL beds pushed together to for one king bed) tend to be more expensive than both of them. 

How much is a king-size mattress?

The best king-size mattresses can be split into five price tiers: premium, upper-mid, mid-range, lower-mid, and budget. Premium king size beds are the most expensive as they're some of the best luxury mattresses on the market and often have cutting-edge features. Upper-mid king beds are slightly more affordable, but are still in expensive territory.

Mid range beds are more accessible, and some of the most well-known sleep brands produce king beds in this price category. Lower-mid beds are some of the budget-friendliest mattresses, as their affordable but not startlingly cheap. A lot of brands' signature all-foam models are in this category, such as Nectar's flagship memory foam mattress.

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Last but not least, we have budget mattresses. They are often basic models which don't have all the features you'll find in more expensive beds, but they do tend to be good value for money providing that they are at least 10" thick, have some temperature control, and are made from CertiPUR-US certified. You tend to find the best cheap mattresses on Amazon. 

Here are the typical prices you should expect to pay for a king in each price category:

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Price tierTypical king-size price
Budget$500 or under
Lower-mid range$999 or under
Mid-range$1,500 or under
Upper-mid range$1,999 or under
Premiumover $2,000

5 best king mattresses to buy

The Siena Memory Foam Mattress$999 $499 for a king at Siena Sleep

The Siena Memory Foam Mattress: $999 $499 for a king at Siena Sleep

Price bracket: budget

There's a permanent Siena mattress sale that knocks 50% off this budget-friendly bed, meaning you'll never have to pay over $500 for a king. Our Siena Memory Foam Mattress review praised this bed for its firm support and good temperature control, making it ideal for front sleepers and those who want a breathable all-foam bed. Extras include a 180-night trial, free shipping and returns, and a 10-year warranty. 

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: $1,399 $849 for a king at Nectar Sleep 

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: $1,399 $849 for a king at Nectar Sleep 

Price bracket: Lower-mid range

Ranking No.1 on our best memory foam mattress guide, this all-foam bed impressed us with its good balance of softness and support in our Nectar Mattress review. Ever since Black Friday, there's been a permanent Nectar mattress sale which knocks 40% off the model, including in king size. Extras are generous: a 1-year trial, a lifetime warranty, and free shipping and returns. 

The DreamCloud Mattress: $1,699 $835 for a king at DreamCloud

The DreamCloud Mattress: $1,699 $835 for a king at DreamCloud

Price bracket: mid-range

While there was a DreamCloud mattress sale that knocked a king to $999, what was supposed to be a 50% off flash sale has now become evergreen, meaning you can buy a king for $835. Our DreamCloud mattress review loved the luxurious feel and the comfort and support it offered to all kinds of sleep positions. Benefits include a 365-night trail, lifetime warranty, and free shipping and returns. 

The WinkBed Mattress: $1,999$1,699 for a king at WinkBeds

The WinkBed Mattress: $1,999 $1,699 for a king at WinkBeds

Price bracket: upper-mid range

One of the best hybrid mattresses for bed sharers, offers hotel luxury at an upper-mid range price. It comes in four different firmness levels (be aware, though, that the plus-sized model veers into premium territory) our WinkBed mattress review says it offers great pressure relief. There's a constant $300 discount on the WinkBed thanks to an evergreen WinkBeds mattress sale, and this reduces the price of a king size to $1,699.

The Saatva Classic: $2,595 $2,295 for a king at Saatva

The Saatva Classic: $2,595 $2,295 for a king at Saatva

Price bracket: upper-mid range

The best luxury mattress in our opinion, the Saatva Classic has built a reputation for being the best-rated mattress in the world. With customizable firmness, cool breathability, frequent Saatva sales, and generous extras that include a 1-year trial and free white glove delivery, it's no wonder our Saatva Classic mattress review is glowing. 

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