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Here's What Xbox Project Scorpio Might Look Like

Considering Project Scorpio's beefy specs, we wouldn't be surprised to see the next Xbox to take on an equally beefy design. However, if the system's developer kit is any indication, Microsoft's powerhouse 4K console could be sleeker than you think.

Image: Gamasutra

Image: Gamasutra

The folks at Gamasutra got an exclusive look at the Scorpio dev kit during a visit to Microsoft, and it could hold some key clues to Scorpio's final design. The developer console looks like a slightly chunkier version of the Xbox One S, with the same small profile and white-and-gray color scheme. This is especially impressive considering that the dev kit is actually more powerful than the version of Scorpio we'll see on shelves this holiday.

Of course, this Project Scorpio developer kit is still just that — a developer kit — and it's unlikely Microsoft would reveal something close to the console's final design as part of a technical deep dive. Still, that same image shows a bunch of older Xbox and Xbox 360 dev kits, all of which look pretty similar to their consumer counterparts.

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We recently got a look at Scorpio's official specs as part of a massively detailed report from Digital Foundry, and it looks like Microsoft's supercharged Xbox One will pretty handily take the title of "most powerful games console ever" when it arrives later this year. The system's graphics muscle and memory significantly exceed even that of the PS4 Pro, meaning that it should have no problem playing games in true 4K while also running your existing Xbox One games with better framerates and faster loading times.

We still don't have a price, release date, or official name for Scorpio, but the Digital Foundry folks are estimating somewhere in the ballpark of $499 based on the tech inside the system. Microsoft has already proven that it can build the most powerful console out there; now it just needs to blow us away with some new games.