Another Sign of Xbox 360 Pro SKU Extinction

We heard rumors that Microsoft would be deleting the Xbox 360 Pro machine from its roster for this holiday season, but now there's some strong evidence that it's true.

Xbox 360 packaging has a product matrix that aims to help the consumer decide which console he or she should buy. The previous packing had the Xbox 360 Arcade, Pro and Elite consoles, but the latest packaging for the Arcade SKU lists only itself and the Elite – further pointing to the Elite replacing the Pro SKU.

Previous rumors suggested that the Elite would get a $100 price cut, replacing the Pro at the $299 mark.

See the photographic proof at Kotaku.

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  • Roffey123
    / wonders why Microsoft didn't do this in the first place
  • jay236
    Yeah because paying an extra $100 for a 120GB HD upgrade and black paint job was totally not worth it.
  • captaincharisma
    ahh got my hopes up thought it said xbox 360 extinction for a second LOL