Wall Mounted PC Exposes Innards to World

For most people, the desktop PC's case is nothing more than a metal/plastic box. Others see it as a canvas where they can express their creativity, hence the prevalence of customized casemods scattered online . However, for one reddit user, bigblades, decided that nothing is more artistic than his computer's innards, and decided to put them up for display.

It looks pretty DIY, but mainly because of the wiring. Otherwise, the individual components are neatly arranged, with the drives on the right, the motherboard and graphics card on the left, and the power supply and buttons right down the middle. Bigblades added some lighting to help spruce things up, as well as an aftermarket PCI-E extender so the ATI Radeon HD 5850 can sit at a comfortable distance from the mobo.

It's a very neat little attempt at showcasing a computer's parts, although it would've looked better if the wires were run underneath the base. Nevertheless, this setup is a good way for people to show off their expensive hardware.

[source: Technabob]