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Valve Demos Steam Game Controller [Video]

Just a few days after the official introduction, Valve went more in-depth with its forthcoming Steam Controller, a device that will work with the company's upcoming Steam Machines, and possibly also for PC.

In a new video, Steam engineer Jeff Bellinghausen explained how the controller works with certain games, including "Portal 2", "Civilization V" and the Valve first-person shooter "Counter-Strike."Some fans were a bit concerned about its design, as the controller utilizes Touch sensors in the place of traditional analog sticks. However, as you can see from the video, it operates just like a normal controller would when it comes to movement and general functions, including shooting portals.

Steam Box Controller, Courtesey Valve

Steam Box Controller, Courtesey Valve

The Steam Controller will release sometime in 2014. No word yet if it'll be packed in with the Steam Machines, or whether it will need to be purchased separately. No word yet on pricing.

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  • chesterman
    Maybe for the guys who likes game controllers, it could be i nice try, but it doesn't seems to be a replacement in the same level to tradicional mouse+keyboard.

    It seems to be a nice controller, indeed, but i'll have to try myself to se if i could play cs:go in the same level that i play with kb+mouse
  • It's not meant to be better than KB+M, but it's supposed to be better than traditional controllers and replace KB+M in living room.
  • ram1009
    I play single player FPS games exclusively. Years ago I got addicted to a Microsoft controller called Sidewinder Dual Strike. IMHO, it is the gold standard for FPS game controllers and if it will control a FPS game well it will control any game well. Getting used to it was it's downfall. The DS is no longer usable under W7 and so I'm looking elsewhere. When forced to use a K/B & M I revert to a Kensington trackball which I find infinitely superior to any mouse. For years I have been hoping that some game controller maker would recognize the benefits of the old DS or at least a trackball. If I were designing this controller I would put a trackball under the right thumb instead of the touchpad. Also, I see nothing wrong with the left stick of Xbox 360 controller and look forward to comparing it to this controllers left pad. I hope Steam isn't changing things just to be different. If at all possible I'd like Steam to write their drivers to include DS support. I don't think it would be difficult as the DS simply emulates the K/B & M.