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Valve Demos Steam Game Controller [Video]

Just a few days after the official introduction, Valve went more in-depth with its forthcoming Steam Controller, a device that will work with the company's upcoming Steam Machines, and possibly also for PC.

In a new video, Steam engineer Jeff Bellinghausen explained how the controller works with certain games, including "Portal 2", "Civilization V" and the Valve first-person shooter "Counter-Strike."Some fans were a bit concerned about its design, as the controller utilizes Touch sensors in the place of traditional analog sticks. However, as you can see from the video, it operates just like a normal controller would when it comes to movement and general functions, including shooting portals.

Steam Box Controller, Courtesey Valve

Steam Box Controller, Courtesey Valve

The Steam Controller will release sometime in 2014. No word yet if it'll be packed in with the Steam Machines, or whether it will need to be purchased separately. No word yet on pricing.

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