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Need More Stranger Things? Check Out This Awesome Fan Game

Netflix darling Stranger Things only gave us eight episodes in its first season, so those who loved the show are surely clamoring for more. While you wait for another season, you can play the free unofficial video game.

Indie developer Infamous Quests has put together an '80s style, one-room point-and-click adventure game in which players control Chief Hopper searching the forest for the missing Will Byers.

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If you thought the Netflix series was too short, the game is even more brief. It's a tiny, 15MB - 17MB download, depending on the platform. Infamous Quests made the game for Windows, but other contributors made versions for Linux and Mac. You can download all three versions here.

This game isn't sanctioned by Netflix, so I wouldn't surprised to see a cease and desist order from the company. So if you're looking forward to playing the game, download it while you can. Of course, Netflix may be cool and let this little game live. What would be even cooler would be if it commissioned Infamous Quests for a full adaptation, but I wouldn't hold my breath.