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Steampunk Turntable Literally Runs on Steam

The turntable has its roots firmly planted in the Steam Age. Despite this fact, most pre-electric models were hand-cranked, and spun at a constant rate by a wind-up mechanism. Given that steam engines are large and make quite a racket, it's understandable why the record player's earliest innovators went with quiet clockwork instead.

This retro-Victorian turntable flies in the face of all that Industrial-era logic. Kiwi kitbasher Simon Janson gave the steampunk music player the power of steam. The tiny little engine whistles away while it turns records, in this case a Sex Pistols LP, at a stately pace via a belt-driven system.

Janson cheated a bit, though. The turntable's belt drive is regulated by an Arduino processor, the tone arm is modern, and the output connects to good old stereo speakers. The latter's important, since you'd need to turn the music up to 11 just to drown out the noise made by the steam engine.

[source: Asciimation]