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Sony Gamifies the Wake Up Process

Gamifying a tedious process is a good way of motivating people to do it. Fitocracy, for example, is a fitness app that motivates people to hit the gym by doling out points and achievements for every set of exercise done.

Sony's decided to do something similar for those who find early morning wakeups to be painful. Dubbed Wake-up Club, this free PS Vita—ah yes, that's the catch—app brings not only alarm functionality to the PS Vita, but also turns it into a social game.

Wake-up Club matches 12 players together into a "wake-up club" who set their alarm at the same time. When a player's alarm goes off, the avatar of their choice will begin bouncing around on their screen. Tapping on the avatar indicates to the other members of the club that the individual is awake. Snoozing for too long means that more and more of the other club members' avatars will begin appearing on your screen, presumably to nag you until you're awake. If you're one of the early risers, you can wreak similar havoc on your fellow club members by "cheering" them to the waking world.

The motivating factor (in this writer's opinion) is the fact that the app keeps track of your wakeup attempts, meaning that it'll keep your personal "best" in waking up—the fastest time you got to tapping on the avatar on the Vita.

Wake-up Club will be hitting the PS Store come Tuesday, January 15.


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