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New Game System Gets Your Kids Up and Moving

The inelegantly named ROXs 2S doesn't totally turn up its nose at current technology trends — game scores are tallied on a mobile app and the setup relies heavily on RFID sensors. But as I watched adults scramble around the CES show floor playing the games stored on the ROXs 2S system, it's easy to see how this gaming setup could appeal to its target audience of kids ages 6 to 11.

Here's how it works: The standard ROXs 2S setup includes a base station with a speaker and a glowing top, a charging station for the wireless base station, and a handful of tiles called Pebbs. The Pebbs, which have embedded sensors, currently come adorned with the faces of cartoon animals.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

One of the five games that ships with ROXs 2S might encourage kids to hide the Pebbs around a room or backyard and then have them race around to see who can retrieve the missing tiles the fastest. Another game would require players to sort through tiles based on animal noises blasted out of the base station, with players tapping the station with the correct tile.

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While the ROKx 2S games have some basic descriptions, it's really up to the kids playing to set the rules. And that's probably the most intriguing thing about the ROXs 2S — you can really see how it would encourage kids to be inventive about how they play.

In that impromptu game at CES, we set the Pebbs tiles on one end of a show floor aisle, and the base station at another. When the base station made a noise, our adult players would race for the tile, then race back, trying to be the first person to tap their Pebb on the sensor. Of course, they could also flip over the sensor to summon up a new animal sound if they wanted to trick their opponent.

A-Champs CEO and co-founder Kilian Saekel told me that the plan is to supplement ROXs 2S's five games by adding a new game every month. Because the gaming system is modular, A-Champ could also come out with new Pebbs.

TheROXs 2S goes on sale later this month for $79 at A-Champs's website before it's slated to hit Amazon in February.

Image credit: Tom's Guide