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PS4 Remote Play Comes to iPhone: Here's How It Works

At long last, Sony will allow you to stream your PlayStation 4 games to your iOS device when you're on the go.

Credit: photocritical/Shutterstock

(Image credit: photocritical/Shutterstock)

Sony has updated its PlayStation 4 console software to allow game-syncing with its Remote Play app for the iPhone and iPad. The feature means you'll be able to pick up where you last left off on your PlayStation 4 and keep gaming by streaming your session to the iPhone or iPad.

If the feature sounds familiar, it's because Sony has been offering it since 2014 in its Xperia Z3 handset. But since few people jumped at the chance to buy an Xperia smartphone, it's likely that many PS4 players haven't tried the feature yet.

Still, we can get some clues from the old version to get a sense of how it might work with Apple's handsets. The process to get remote play up and running is simple. You only need to go to your PlayStation 4 and update its software and then download the Remote Play app to your iPhone. Next, you'll need to pair the two by following the directions in the app. 

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If you don't have any third-party controllers to help you manage the game, you'll find that the PlayStation 4's buttons are overlaid on the iPhone or iPad screen. That could make the experience of actually playing the games a bit clunky, but will at least give you the chance to keep playing while you're on the go.

Additionally, Sony's app gives you the option to engage in voice chats with people you're playing with. You can also enter text in the game with the iPhone or iPad's virtual keyboard. And as you might expect, you'll need to have a solid Internet connection to play, so sticking to Wi-Fi whenever possible might also be a good thing.

Once you're done playing on your iPhone, you can go back to your PlayStation 4 at home and pick up where you left off. 

The PS4 Remote Play app is available now in Apple's App Store. It's a free download.

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