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Plantronics Rig4VR Brings 3D Audio to PlayStation VR

The road to a truly immersive virtual reality experience is paved with audio. Plantronics has announced that it's bringing its gaming headset expertise to the VR market with its new, appropriately named Rig4VR. Priced at $69.99, the device will be available this holiday and is officially the first exclusive headset for the upcoming PlayStation VR.

Plantronics has outfitted the headset with 40mmm drivers coupled with low-frequency resonators. That means that you should be able to enjoy pronounced bass, such as a satisfying boom when you blow something up, without sacrificing the accuracy of the gentle tinkle of glass hitting pavement right after. The headset won't deliver 3D audio on its own -- that part of the equation will be performed by the PS VR and will be channeled through to the Rig4VR. 

The Rig4VRs have an oval earcup design that lets in some ambient noise. This should also help wearers maintain natural balance and ward off simulation sickness when used in VR, as well as carry on conversations with others in the room. In addition, Plantronics claims that the unique shape will assist in heat dissipation.

The headphones will ship with interchangeable cables for use with the PS VR and the PlayStation 4 wireless controller, so you can easily use this headset with titles like The Division and Uncharted 4. Plantronics will also include a removeable flip-to-mute, noise-cancelling boom microphone, which is primarily for use with the PS4 controller. When you're using the PS VR, you'll be relying on the built-in mic in the visor to handle all your chats.

Finally, the Rig4VR also features a 3.5mm audio connector that allows Xbox One, PC, Mac and mobile gamers to get in on the fun. Yes, the PlayStation VR headset would be more convenient if it had mini headphones built in, like the Oculus Rift, but it's nice to see companies like Plantronics bringing their audio expertise to the VR table. 

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