Best Android Launchers for Customizing Your Phone

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  • Wahajk
    Please tell me can changing launcher produced effect on mobile performance i.e. its ram or any other component i have Q mobile A34........?
  • ferooxidan
    Hi Launcher is not exist, it exist as different launcher than on this article, also the link is not working.
  • ssddx
    i've been using golauncherex for years along with miui ver 2.3 on my droid incredible.great launcher, great rom. lots of customization options for free.
  • VoxLuna
    For whatever it's worth, Smart Launcher 2 is a great choice if you have a low-memory device and/or it has a slow CPU. It basically salvaged an old HTC EVO 4G into a usable backup device.

    For my main device, I have Nova Launcher, Nova Prime (the unlocker), and TeslaUnread. Worth every bit.
  • Dark Lord of Tech
    Another great launcher is Lucid Launcher.
  • JDK_1_
  • Zaporro
    Themer is dead.

    No more updates, last one year ago. Theme servers are down, cant download anything.
  • Zaporro
    Why is Themer in this article? Last update mid 2015. Its 2016, Themer is dead. Even theme servers are gone. You can download it but it has no content.
  • Dark Lord of Tech
    Smart Launcher and Action Launcher are great , another great one is Lucid Launcher Pro.
  • leo_sk
    Someone knows a launcher that makes extensive use of blur effect?