17 Windows Explorer Extensions & Replacements

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John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and creative writing courses in school. As a contributor to Tom's Guide he's found a happy middle ground writing about apps, mobile gaming and other geekery.

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  • RazorBurn
    Total Commander is still the best one for me..
  • Mike-TH
    Another slide show presentation...

    Please stop doing this - a simple scrollable page is far easier to read than this.
  • Cryio
    While TeraCopy is a good program, I still think the default Windows 8 file copying is still prettier and faster than that with TeraCopy.
  • amigafan
    Why no XYplorer & Directory Opus?
  • ibemerson
    Well FolderView sounded good. So I checked it out. System requirements:
    Internet Explorer 5 for Windows 98 and 95
    Desktop Update for Windows 95

    Apparently this thing hasn't been updated in over 10 years.
    I'm guessing my 64 bit OS would crash and burn with this?
  • Pherule
    CryioWhile TeraCopy is a good program, I still think the default Windows 8 file copying is still prettier and faster than that with TeraCopy.

    You do realize that TeraCopy fragments files, right? You should use KillCopy instead.
  • lkeller100
    Directory Opus is by far one of the most powerful file tools for any system. Easy to use and configure with all the options and power you could want for a very reasonable price. check out GP Software, the developers of Directory Opus.
  • lohmeyer
    xplorer2 also has tabbed browsing and many other features beyond what I saw in many other Explorer replacements. Also, you can configure xplorer2 to work the way you want to work by enabling or disabling features or modes. It can do side by side or top/bottom windows like in Total Commander, or you can just set it up as a single window tabbed browser, or even side by side tabbed browsers. The unfortunate side, like most Explorer replacements, is there is somewhat of a learning curve to gain full advantage of it's features.

    Classic Shell should have been included. Classic Shell offers customizable buttons at the top of the Explorer window and even allows making your own buttons and functions. For example, I added a DOS command prompt icon that runs DOS in the folder I am currently viewing in Explorer. Most important to me, it added the UP button next to the BACK and FORWARD buttons that were removed in Windows Vista/7. Classic Shell also offers a customizable Start Menu to bring back the XP like Start menu, or an XP/Win7 hybrid - of course all customizable.
  • DaveAps
    Ummm... I can't beleive that you have not listed Directory Opus from http://www.gpsoft.com.au/

    It should be first on the list.

    I think you just recycled this article from last year without re-researching it.
  • pjjdp
    Brings back memories of Norton Commander. Use it extensively in the nineties.
  • Pailin
    Personally, Please KEEP this format, I find it suits these style of articles quite well :)

    Nice to have a little variety around the net, cheers!
  • exitstageleft
    the slides are really not a good idea. imho.
  • storageman
    1. Please stop SLIDE shows, or at least provide a "view as single page option"
    Slide shows are a terrible waste of time and resources.
    2. Interesting to note the missing Powerdesk that has been around for ever!
    Sure it costs money but in my opinion is better than all. And I have them all.
    Always looking for a better way...

    3. for folder copying nothing better than Second Copy (secondcopy.com)
  • Don Starks
    I agree with Mike-TH. Slideshows are for children and the intellectually-challenged neither of which would have any interest in the subject at hand. children and the intellectually-challenged merely accept the defaults or, worse, become fan-boys.
  • Shards Chakras
    Why the hell do you make slide shows? They are so bleepin irritating. I hate these lay-outs. To hell with your stupid content!!!
  • SoloMarshall
    For all the haters; at least he did something-What have you done?