The Lamp With No Light Bulb

If LED lights are bright enough to simulate daylight, why bother with bulbs at all? That's the obvious question asked by Japanese designer Tsutomu Mutoh. He recently shared a virtual mock-up of the Optone Dynamic LED Light.

Tsutomu's creation seems interesting not only because it's supposedly bright enough to light up a room. As an array of LED lights arranged in traditional lampshade configuration, the Optone can also cycle through the color spectrum. Why settle for boring monochromatic lamps, when your lighting can change color or theme on demand? Software also by Tsutomu allows the imagined control over the lamp's colorization.

Of course, Tsotomu's idea shouldn't be limited to the typical lampshade form factor. What about entire areas of this concept technology at work? With LEDs requiring less power than traditional lights, it's reasonable to imagine houses without light fixtures. The walls themselves can provide the light.

You can visit Tsutomu Mutoh's light- and color-oriented portfolio through the link below. The designer is a regular fixture at Japanese design events, but it's unclear if the Optone is slated for any actual retail debut. Well share updates as they come, dear readers.

Tsutomu Mutoh's PortfolioOptone OBI (YouTube)

  • officeguy
    That is a cool concept. What else is there to say :)
  • _Cubase_
    "Before we go I just wanna check if I left any walls on" ...just doesn't have the same ring to it.
  • gpace
    I'd personally like my ceiling to emit light, and the walls as the TV and speakers, but to each his own.

    The lamp might not have a light bulb, but it does have a light source.
  • FUtomNOreg
    gpace, they wrote the title like that to get your attention not to be completely correct. As for getting your attention, it worked didn't it?
  • Marco925
    But what sort of colours do we have a choice on here?

  • MrHectorEric
    I think it'd be great to have a ceiling with a LED matrix spanning the area. No uneven lighting or dark corners. Plus controls to turn off quadrants or every other light to dim. Not to mention the ability to have various color options to control also. I'd take something like that instead of a lamp, but this is a nice concept.
  • SlickyFats
    I guess I am just old school because I see all of this and all I can think is "great something else that can break or go wrong". I get that in some respects it may be "better" but I'll stick with old faithful bulbs and sockets. Sort of like power windows and door locks on a car, sure they are convenient but it is just something else that will break, give me a manual window roller and door locks any day.
  • alchemy69
    but I'll stick with old faithful bulbs/quote]
    Yes, because they never break.
  • drunken brewer
    Will I be able to turn off my wall with a Clapper?
  • TunaSoda
    I'll stick to incandescent lighting over anything else