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Modern Warfare 2 Tops Entertainment Industry

Yes, we know pretty well by now that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 sold like hotcakes and set all sorts of new records. But did you know that it broke records outside of just video games?

Thanks to the insane interest and demand surrounding the game, Modern Warfare 2 is now the highest-grossing entertainment product within its first five days on the market. Modern Warfare 2 bested Grand Theft Auto IV's $500 million launch from 2008.

According to the AFP, estimates put Modern Warfare 2 as grossing $550 million worldwide in its first five days, setting an entertainment industry record that beats both music and movies.

For the sake of comparison, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in its first five days at the box office took in $394 million.

Modern Warfare 2 also blew doors off on its first day, raking in $310 million dollars. In comparison, The Dark Knight Batman film, which holds the record for the top opening weekend ever, took in $158.4 million during its first weekend.

We imagine that the folks at Activision Blizzard and Infinity Ward are fairly pleased.

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