LG Makes Old New Again with Retro-styled HDTV Set

In the modern age where all our electronic devices (that have screens) are starting to look like the black monolithic slab from a Stanley Kubrick movie, LG is harkening back to the days when televisions set all had a distinct style about them. Of course, that's a bit different now that we're beyond CRT technology, but LG's gone and done it anyway.

This is the 32LN630R, which is a 32-inch 1080p IPS display that has HDMI, USB, and MHL inputs. It also comes with a remote control, but that would take away from all the fun of the real, functional rotary dials and buttons to the right of the screen. The speaker actually lives behind the grill too, though that could mean it's just a monaural affair.

For now it's only available in Korea for around $750, which is a bit steep for size, but it looks like nothing else on the market.

We think it's got a nice flair of nostalgic style and would make a great secondary TV for the kitchen or bedroom. The design looks good at 32-inches – and we wouldn't wish it any larger – but we crave the big monoliths for our living rooms.

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  • Parsian
    lol good gift for the dad.
  • Mathos
    It's not really nostalgic unless they bring it in an old fashioned console/cabinet tv style. Still remember having one of those giant things when I was real young. But at least the speakers on those were full size and high quality.
  • Personally I like LG monitors, but this thing is horrible. It's like a bad mix between an old microwave and a high-end saw horse. I cannot think of place where one could possibly put this thing unless your house's interior is themed like a 1970's Woody Allen Sci-Fi movie.
  • expl0itfinder
    Honestly, I love it. I've always liked the idea of taking an old look, and combining it with new technology.
  • I think I'm seeing a trend here...
  • 10tacle
    Going retro on appliances is really nothing new. Kitchen appliance and gadget manufacturers have been making things to look like they are from the '50s & '60s for several years now. But a TV, meh, I don't think so. Not anymore than I'd like to see a new computer or laptop designed like one from the 70s.
  • dalethepcman
    I'm waiting for a steam punk version to come out before I jump in :)
  • nevilence
    see they should of added the huge box to it, but instead of being full of old tube tech it could have little doors and hide movies or consoles or something =P
  • vinhn
    Vintage style is pretty cool for those looking to have an old look. Hopefully it doesn't gives out does creeky noise that the old TV makes which creeps out at night.
  • ram1009
    These guys must be desperate to sell TVs.