This Could Be the iPhone 8 — Powered On and All

Apple's iPhone 8 has been leaked in a slew of ways in recent weeks. But each of the mock-ups has shown a device that hasn't been powered on. Until now.

Credit: BGR

(Image credit: BGR)

The folks over at casemaker Nodus have created new renders based on information they apparently have about the iPhone 8 that shows a device fully powered on. The renders, which were obtained by BGR, suggest Apple still isn't planning a dedicated fingerprint sensor in the device.

The device in the render shows what we've come to expect from the iPhone 8: a 5.8-inch display that nearly entirely covers its face and the elimination of the physical home button. On top, the screen stretches to the end, but a small area around the earpiece extends out to accommodate the front-facing camera, among other features.

It's also worth noting that the iPhone 8 in the render doesn't come with a curved screen, like Samsung's Galaxy S8.

The handset in the render has a vertically aligned dual-lens camera, rather than the horizontally aligned option in the iPhone 7 Plus. There's also an Apple logo and that's it.

Each side has some buttons, though they're your standard volume and on/off toggles.

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The render, which hasn't been confirmed by Apple as legitimate, raises some questions. First and foremost, where is the fingerprint sensor?

Credit: Nordus/BGR

(Image credit: Nordus/BGR)

Apple has been rumored to be planning a virtual sensor that would be baked into the smartphone's display. However, more recent reports point to the Touch ID sensor possibly being integrated into a larger power button on the side. The iPhone 8 could also let you unlock the device with a new 3D sensor that's used to scan your face.

For its part, Nodus hasn't said what Apple might do with the fingerprint sensor and it's impossible to know whether this render is the final iPhone design or if the company has something else planned. But at least this view shows us what the iPhone 8 might look like with its screen turned on, offering far more real estate than previous models.

Look for Apple to announce the iPhone 8 and all its details in September.

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