iPhone 8 Has a Worrisome Design Flaw (Report)

Apple's iPhone 8 has what one person is calling a design flaw that might make it a little annoying to use throughout the day.

Credit: Forbes

(Image credit: Forbes)

Gordon Kelly over at Forbes claims to have received a "late stage" iPhone 8 prototype. The device in question — which has not been confirmed to be the real thing — comes with a big rear-facing camera bump that Kelly says is a problem when lying on a flat surface.

He claims that the camera bump, which runs vertically around the rear panel, is so big it forces the iPhone 8 to sit off-kilter on its back. So, when it's on a flat surface, the handset "rocks, rolls, and rattles" more than previous models, he said.

Kelly went on to say that Apple's design choice means the first contact point when putting the smartphone down is a rather small area around its rear-facing cameras. He also said that the smartphone's glass design, coupled with the bump, could mean that the iPhone 8 will "slip and slide" around a table.

Of course, what Kelly is saying isn't necessarily anything new. People have been offering similar complaints in the past about smartphones with big camera bumps on the back. The iPhone 7 Plus has a pretty big camera bump, too, but hasn't seemed to slow Apple's sales.

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The iPhone 8's camera has been the subject of considerable debate this year, with some reports saying it could have a horizontally aligned rear-facing camera array, and others saying a vertical was coming to the device. Now most reports — and the unit Kelly is trying out — all suggest the iPhone 8 will have a vertical camera.

Aside from that, we've been seeing some concepts, dummy units, and renderings that all point to the iPhone 8 having a big, 5.8-inch screen that nearly covers its entire face. Apple is also rumored to be planning an all-glass finish on the back to make its flagship look and feel more sleek. Such a move will also reportedly enable wireless charging.

While speculation is running rampant around the iPhone 8, we're expected to have all of our questions answered next month, when Apple is expected to host a press unveiling. A new Apple Watch 3 and details on the upcoming HomePod smart home hub are also expected at the show.

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