iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

The iPad rocked the mobile computing and tablet industry when it was first released by Apple in 2010. The power of a computer was suddenly condensed in a portable and easy-to-use touch screen. For both business and leisure, the computing functions fulfilled the needs of many consumers.

The iPad's touchscreen keyboard has many handy shortcuts designed to help you use your iPad more efficiently and quickly. Many keyboard shortcuts use modifier keys, such as Command, Shift and Option. Here are the symbols for modifier keys used in shortcuts:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Option (Alt)
Left Arrow
Right Arrow
Up Arrow
Down Arrow

System shortcuts

These shortcuts are for the visual settings and sound settings, depending on the use of the iPad.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
F1Dim screen
F2Brighten screen
F7Back one song
F9Skip song
F11Decrease volume
F12Increase volume
⌘ SpaceDisplay a list of available languages; to choose one, tap the space bar again.

Text selection and navigation

Because the iPad's operating system is similar to the Mac, the following shortcuts have been carried over. People who are familiar with Macs will likely know these already, but PC users who own iPads will find these useful.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
⌘C (Command-C)Copy
⌘X (Command-X)Cut
⌘V (Command V)Paste
⌘Z (Command Z)Undo
⌘⇧Z (Command-Shift-Z)Redo
⌘Delete (Command-Delete)Delete the text to the beginning of the line
^ K (Control-K)Delete the text to the end of the line
⌥ Delete (Option-Delete)Delete the word before the cursor
⌘↑ (Command-Up Arrow)Jump to top of document
⌘↓ (Command-Down Arrow)Jump to bottom of document
⌘← (Command-Left Arrow)Jump to beginning of line
⌘→ (Command-Right Arrow)Jump to end of line
⌥↑ (Option-Up Arrow)Jump to previous start of line
⌥ ↓ (Option-Down Arrow)Jump to next end of line
⌥ ← (Option-Left Arrow)Jump to previous word
⌥ → (Option-Right Arrow)Jump to next word

Page shortcuts

Swipe to scroll horizontally
⌘⇧K (Command-Shift-K)Comment
⌘⌥K (Command-Option-K)Show next comment
⌘⌥⇧K (Command-Option-Shift-K)Show previous comment
⌘I/B/U (Command-I, Command-B, Command-U)Make text italic, bold, or underlined
⌘D (Command-D)Duplicate the current object (such as an inline photo)
⌘↩ (Command-Return)End editing and select parent (in table cells)
↩ (Return)Insert a new line
⌥↩ (Option-Return)Select next cell (in table cells)
⇥ (Tab)Move to next cell
⇧⇥ (Shift-Tab)Move to previous cell
⇧↩ (Shift-Return)Select cell above the current cell
⌥↑/↓/→/← (Option-arrow keys)Create a new row or column
⌘↑/↓/→/← (Command-arrow keys)First/last cell in current row or column

iPad navigation

The iPad is specifically designed for even the most illiterate computer user. The intuitive interface helps make navigation simple, but there are ways to make it even easier. Here are some shortcuts designed to help navigating the iPad a little bit easier.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
^⌥H (Control-Option-H)Home button
^⌥H H (Control-Option-H-H)Show multitask bar
^⌥I (Control-Option-i)Item chooser
EscapeBack button
→ (Right arrow)Next item
← (Left arrow)Previous item
↑↓ (Up arrow, Down arrow)Simultaneously tap selected item
⌥ ↓ (Option-Down arrow)Scroll down
⌥↑ (Option-Up arrow)Scroll up
⌥← or ⌥→ (Option-Left arrow or Option-Right arrow)Scroll left or right
^⌥S (Control-Option-S)Turn VoiceOver speech on or off
⌘⇧⇥ (Command-Shift-Tab)Switch to the previous app
⌘⇥ (Command-Tab)Switch back to the original app
←+→, then Option + ← or Option+→Navigate through Dock

Safari shortcuts

The iPad’s browser is Safari and helps connect users to the Web. When browsing the Web, these shortcuts will make your navigation more optimal.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
⌘LOpen Location
⌘TOpen a new tab
⌘WClose the current tab
⌘RRefresh the current tab
⌘.Stop loading the current tab

Mail shortcuts

Swipe to scroll horizontally
⌘LOpen Location
⌘TOpen a new tab
⌘WClose the current tab
⌘RRefresh the current tab
⌘.Stop loading the current tab