iOS 12: The Features You Want Look Like This

Apple's iOS 12 is under development inside Cupertino, and early reports point to Apple taking a conservative approach this time around, as the company will likely focus on performance and stability.

But that doesn't mean designers can't have fun imagining helpful new features.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Concept art published at Behance show a reimagined iOS 12. While they were designed by people outside of Apple and therefore do not necessarily reflect what Apple might actually do with its operating system, they include some interesting features that could make using iOS on the iPhone X and other Apple handsets easier.

The concept photos, which were earlier reported on by BGR, aim at addressing some pain points in using iOS 12. For instance, if you want to change the volume, a black bar at the top is displayed in the concept art. The feature, called a Sound Bar, stops the volume setting from overtaking the entire screen.

Credit: Behance

(Image credit: Behance)

A new Guest Mode is showcased in the concept art that gives someone access to only a handful of apps, including Phone, Safari, Maps, Clock, and Weather. We wouldn't recommend granting access to the camera, though, unless they photos were stored in its own folder.

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If you're someone who wishes iOS 12 came with multiple timers, the concept art envisions the feature. And of course, no iOS update would be complete without a reimagined camera design that lets you quickly change settings and pause video recordings. A new lock screen is also included in the concept art that gives you access to more information, including your local weather, notifications, and more.

Credit: Behance

(Image credit: Behance)

The iOS 12 concepts don't necessarily deliver a major redesign. Instead, the artists believe that Apple could use its basic design in iOS 11 but clean it up and make it more efficient in iOS 12.

The artists also argue that Apple should find a way to not make the notch stand out so much and develop a black bar that runs across the screen to hide the iPhone X feature. But given all the iPhone X clones we've seen that mimic Apple's notch, we do not see that happening.

For its part, Apple has remained silent on its plans for iOS 12. However, the company reportedly held a meeting with engineers in January and delayed a range of new features to 2019. Instead, Apple plans to deliver reliability and performance upgrades this year after facing a rash of complaints over software bugs and flaws.

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 12 at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. It'll likely be made available to the public in September.

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