Autodesk: You'll Be Making Movies on iPad Soon

Autodesk CEO and president Carl Bass seems somewhat flabbergasted over how iOS consumers are eating up Autodesk's SketchBook Mobile app. Now the company believes that there will come a time when Apple customers can make Avatar-like blockbuster movies on the iPad tablet.

"Something crazy is happening in the world of mobile telephone applications," Bass told Italian website Globes. "A year ago, some of our guys began a project unauthorized by management, in which they adapted the software to work with the iPhone. We didn't believe that anyone would want to use it, but we were wrong. There is big use."

Autodesk has been around for a long time, offering well-known platforms including AutoCAD, Maya, 3ds Max and many others. The company also provides iOS version including AutoCAD WS, Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer, Fluid FX, and SketchBook Mobile. While Bass didn't provide numbers regarding the SketchBook app, he said it was a "big hit."

"We've been in the business for 28 years, and 10-12 million copies of our software have been purchased to date," Bass said. "That's a lot, but it's only an average of 11 million over all the years, and all of a sudden half a million people bought the software at the application store. This was the cheapest project we ever did, which reached more people than any other project. It surprised me."

So does that mean the company is working to bring mobile versions of Maya and 3ds Max for the iOS platform? "Very soon, users will be able to sit with an iPad at home at make a movie like Avatar," he said.

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  • lauxenburg
    Mmkay. And I'll also be getting a raise tomorrow.
    lol... i honestly don't think so.. most people that are getting paid to make a avatar like movie would be using a decent computer
  • victorintelr
    Very soon, users will be able to sit with an iPad at home at make a movie like Avatar
    Sure... They'll be able to make movies like Avatar, just wait some 100 years before all the scenes are rendered, and the movie is done.
  • Pyroflea
    LATTEHlol... i honestly don't think so.. most people that are getting paid to make a avatar like movie would be using a computer
  • eddieroolz
    Takes the crown for the stupidest thing I heard today. Though I respect AutoDesk.
  • Shadow703793
    Autodesk, will you stop focusing on the Apple stuff and give us a true GPU based rendering engine?
  • climber
    Using the iPad to window into a high end server/render farm that does all the work... don't forget the way cloud computing is supposed to solve all our problems and not require us to have powerful computers anymore. Seems to me they're taking away control from the user. They give us crap devices or appliances and keep all the horsepower to themselves which they tightly control and keep under wraps.
  • mlopinto2k1
    Suck it up.
  • jojesa
    "iPad owners will soon have the ability to create Avatar-like movies."
    Did he forget to mention they could do it while flying on a magic carpet.
  • thegreathuntingdolphin
    Making Avatar like movies on the iPad? ROFL. It would take my 4 GHz corei and two 3 GHz AMD quads years to render that movie.

    Apple devices have always been overstated as far as hardware feats (I still have to tell my cousins that they have the same hardware as Windows computers and don't do anything faster), but now they are apparently magical!

    Someone tell me again why you would use an ipad for this? With a low res 10 inch screen you are going to do this kind of work? It cannot be easy to control any Autodesk program on an ipad. How do you see much and select all the tools? I could see using it to quickly view something or touch something up on the go but any serious work someone would use a laptop or desktop.