Hulu Just Dropped to $6 Per Month to Lure Netflix Fans

Feb. 26 Update: This story has been updated per Hulu's new pricing going into effect today.

Today, Hulu's new, cheaper pricing goes into effect, with its entry-level package dropping by $2, from $7.99 to $5.99, as if to tempt Netflix subscribers whose bills are going up.

Alongside this tweak, though, comes a price change that Hulu + Live TV users won't be happy to hear. 

Hulu's 2019 Pricing

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Yes, that's right, as of today, Hulu with Live TV costs $44.99 per month, with a $5 price hike from the current $39.99 monthly rate. Hulu announced these changes in a blog post that didn't highlight what the changes are, only that the pricing is new.

That's right Hulu will now cost $7 cheaper than Netflix's most popular Standard package, which is the cheapest Netflix plan with HD content. The $5 price hike for Hulu + Live TV brings that service to the same rate as PlayStation Vue, and leaves YouTube TV ($40 per month), DirecTV Now ($40 per month) and Sling TV ($25 per month) as the cheaper streaming options.

These changes come as Disney+ is lurking in the shadows, ready to poach audiences away with its original programming, including a Marvel Cinematic Universe-based series starring Tom Hiddleston as Loki.

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  • webworkings
    I find it so funny that this site is notifying us of the change before Netflix (which I am a customer of) notifies the current customers. That notification isn't supposed to go out until like next week. (I called and asked.)

    Alas, I think your comparison with Hulu is a tad flawed. The reason I say that is Netflix has no commercials. Hulu does. For me that is a huge huge HUGE factor in what service I use. I certainly don't want to pay for commercials. That alone (and there are other bonuses) makes Netflix a way better choice.
  • myhrddin
    Hmm.. I've got Hulu without commercials, definitely a great option and well worth it in my opinion. Of course now, the miser in me is wondering if my rate will decrease by $2/month. Every penny counts. I do currently have Netflix also but I have the feeling that any hikes on that side are going towards even more Netflix productions and not so much for the Movies that had always been what I had it for. I dunno.. Between those & Amazon Prime Video, there's going to be a tightening of my belt before too long. Hulu is great for TV shows and more good movies have been popping up there for a while now. With Amazon Prime Video being a perk of the Prime membership, it kinda feels like Netflix is the one going further out on a limb (to me.) I hope that Netflix can bring in the Blockbusters or.., well... Let's see what they do with their offerings ..they are going to have to earn that extra out of my pocket.
  • webworkings
    Sure Hulu has a version with no commercials, however you have to pay more for that version. The information in this article doesn't mention that part. Only the version with commercials. Which never actually is mentioned in it. I just have this thing about including 'all the facts' rather than just 'select' ones.