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Buddy Up: Hands-on With The New Pokémon Go Update

Pokémon Go has another update, and it might bring you back to walking with the app open again. The new version of the game introduces a buddy system, in which trainers can pick one monster to walk alongside them and collect candy to level up and evolve.

You can pick your buddy by going to the trainer screen, tapping the hamburger menu and tapping the "Buddy" option. From there, you can pick any Pokémon you want as your buddy. It will appear along side your avatar on the trainer screen, and you can touch the creature to see how far you have to walk for your next candy (that distance varies based on which Pokémon you chose).

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If you want to switch your buddy, you follow the same steps to repeat the process.

For me, this is a great feature to help build my Pokédex. My current buddy is Magikarp. I don't live close enough to water to see a ton of them on my own, which makes the absurd 400-candy toll to evolve it to a Gyrados extremely difficult for me to reach. With Magikarp collecting candies, I should be able to battle with a giant fish-dragon in no time. If I'm successful, I might try to get enough candies to evolve my Machoke into a Machamp.

Others will undoubtedly use the buddy system to collect candies to power up rarer Pokémon. I hatched a Hitmonlee from an egg, but I haven't seen any in the wild. That means I don't have any more candy than what came in the egg. If I want my Hitmonlee to kick other Pokémon even harder, I'll need more of its candy, and as my buddy, that's finally possible.

Which Pokémon will be your buddy? Let us know in the comments.