Best Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL Deals

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Google new Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are designed to deliver the Pixel 3's best features (especially the camera) to the masses.

The new phones are available direct from Google and on Verizon starting at $399 and $479, respectively. For the first time ever, they're also available on Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular. 

Ever since the first Pixel debuted in 2016, the only major carrier to offer Google's flagship phone has been Verizon. However, Google has had plenty of incentive for broadening the ways you can buy its smartphones.

Just last week, the company reported that Pixel 3 sales were slumping, trailing sales of the Pixel 2 over a comparable period. Making its phones available through more sources would presumably allow people to buy a Pixel phone through the carrier of their choice, making it more likely for them to consider Google's phones.

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Google also wants to emphasize that its new phones offer premium features at affordable prices. Combine that with incentives from retailers/carriers and you've got an excellent batch of Pixel 3a deals right off the bat. Amazon is also offering the new Pixels and last week the retailer was bundling a $100 Amazon gift card with the purchase of either phone. The deal has expired, but might come back on Amazon Prime Day. In the meantime, below are the best Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL deals you can get right now. 

Best Buy 

At Best Buy, get the Google Pixel 3a for just $299.99 or the Google Pixel 3a XL for $379.99 when you activate either phone on Sprint. That's $100 off each phone. Even better, Best Buy is throwing in a free Google Home Mini speaker with each phone. That's an extra $49 value. If you're not feeling Sprint, you can purchase the phone on Verizon or AT&T and get up to $100 off. Each deal includes a free Google Home Mini.  

B&H Photo Video

B&H Photo is offering an unlocked Pixel 3a bundled with 3 months of Mint Mobile service (8GB/month plan) for $399. That's a savings of $60. Likewise, you can get the unlocked Pixel 3a XL with 3 months of Mint Mobile service (8GB/month plan) for $479. 


Switch to the Sprint network and Sprint will take $100 off your purchase of the Pixel 3a or Pixel 3a XL. The deal requires that you lease you new phone via Sprint's 18-month plan. After discount, you'll pay $11.07/month for the Pixel 3a or $14.40/month for the Pixel 3a XL (over 18 months)

Google Store

Google's new Pixels are available direct from the Google Store. The Google Store lets you purchase your phone unlocked, with a Verizon SIM, or via Google Fi. Better yet, trade-in an iPhone and you can get the new Pixel 3a for as low as $149. All Pixel 3a purchases also include three months of YouTube Music premium.


T-Mobile is taking up to $400 off Google's new Pixels with an eligible trade-in. (You can see eligible trade-ins here). Otherwise, consumers can get the Pixel 3a for $16.67/month ($0 down), the Pixel 3a XL comes in Just Black and Clearly White for $20/month ($0 down, FRP: $479.99)


Verizon has been Google's exclusive go-to carrier since 2016. While the network will still get Google's new midrange phones, it won't be the only carrier to do so. Nevertheless, current Verizon customers can get $50 off when they upgrade to any of the new Pixels, whereas new customers can get $100 off when they open a new line of service. No trade-in is required and the discount will be given as monthly bill credits. 


Starting in June, Google's new Pixels will be available on Verizon-owned Visible. The carrier uses Verizon's network to deliver the same extensive service sans the same pricey monthly bill. In fact, Visible only offers one plan: unlimited talk, text, and LTE data for just $40/month (inclusive of taxes). Visible will offer the Pixel 3a for $408 ($17/month over 24 months) and the Pixel 3a XL for $480 ($20/month over 24 months). Alternatively, you can purchase your Pixel elsewhere and bring it to Visible, which will make you eligible to get a $100 prepaid MasterCard virtual account.

U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular is a CDMA carrier that owns and operates its own network, so snagging Google's new phones is a major win for the company. That said, current customers can get the Google Pixel 3a for $13.30/month and the Google Pixel 3a XL for $15.96/month, both on a 30-month plan. New customers can get 50% off the new phones.