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Give Me Games! Episode 5: Final Word on Destiny

Bungie's highly-anticipated space shooter Destiny has been out for a few weeks now, and we still can't stop playing it. As I mentioned in my review, the creators of Halo have once again flexed their expertise in crafting refined FPS gameplay while immersing you in some truly jaw-dropping intergalactic vistas.

However, Destiny is far from perfect, and critics and fans alike have been debating whether or not this ambitious, RPG-tinted shooter bites off more than it can chew. With a story that's surprisingly hollow for a Bungie game and a repetitive reward system that makes it tough to find good gear, will Destiny stand the test of time?

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For this Destiny-themed episode, I'm joined by senior writer Sherri Smith and assistant reviews editor Alex Cranz, as we go in-depth about Destiny's mechanics, lore, longevity and explain why we can't stop playing its competitive Crucible mode. Enjoy, Guardians!

You can listen to Give Me Games! (audio only) in the media player above, or download the episode for free on SoundCloud.

Michael Andronico (@mikeandronico)
Sherri Smith (@misssmith11)
Alex Cranz (@alexhcranz)

Produced by Chris Hutton (@chris_journo)
Edited by Alex Cranz

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