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Gamers Discover Glitch, Send Death Threats To Developer

Eurogamer reports that a glitch in Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords made gamers so mad that the developer received several death threats and even a bomb threat.

Despite the fact that the company thinks two of the threats were ‘serious’, it seems relatively upbeat about the whole thing.

"One death threat in 25 years of game development. Puzzle Quest comes out and I had six death threats and one bomb threat."

According to the gaming website, one of the death threats was about the level cap, but the PSP bug, which stopped the player’s AI companions having any effect in battle, was what caused most of the problems.

Unfortunately, those threatening to kill the developers, and indeed the person who said they would bomb the studio left their email addresses attached to the file. Infinite Interactive also said it had chosen not to report the matter to the authorities. Given the fact that most of the threats came from the states and they are based in Australia, CEO Faulkner is not worried.

"Most of them were people who were going to kill us who lived in the States, and we’re in Australia, so unless they were actually serious enough to hop a plane flight over to Australia and gun me down."