Get Ready for a Big Galaxy Note 8 Bummer

A new report says Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 won't come with a highly sought-after new feature because of some big problems it causes to the handset's functionality.

The Galaxy Note 8 may put its fingerprint reader on the back. Credit: Mushin Auckburaully/DBS Designing

(Image credit: The Galaxy Note 8 may put its fingerprint reader on the back. Credit: Mushin Auckburaully/DBS Designing)

The Korean conglomerate had hoped to be able to bundle a fingerprint reader into the Galaxy Note 8's screen, making it the first major handset to offer a virtual sensor. However, after evaluating the technology, Samsung discovered that it would cause the display to act strangely and deliver uneven screen brightness, a report from SamMobile says.

According to the report, Samsung was able to get the fingerprint reader baked into the screen and working. However, when it was fired up, it would cause the area around the sensor to be brighter than other parts of the display.

Rumors have been flying for months that say Samsung had been hoping to bring an in-screen fingerprint reader to the Galaxy Note 8. However, a Samsung executive told Korean press outlets recently that the fingerprint reader suffered from both technical and security problems that wouldn't make it the right candidate for the upcoming Note 8.

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Since then, an increasing number of Galaxy Note 8 renderings and image leaks have shown a device featuring a traditional fingerprint sensor on the back.

An in-screen fingerprint sensor has proven one of the more challenging, yet appealing, component choices for any high-end handset. Customers have been anxiously anticipating the feature and companies have been working on it. However, due to technical limitations, the technology hasn't found its way to devices.

Apple is also rumored to be working on the feature for its iPhone 8. However, some reports have said that Apple, too, is having trouble getting it to work and might ultimately opt for a rear fingerprint sensor on the device.

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  • downhilldude
    Stands to reason that if Samsung can't make the sensor work with their OLED screens, and rumour is that Apple is buying OLED screens from Samsung for it's iPhone 8, that the sensor wouldn't work for Apple either.
  • Hrunga_Zmuda
    On the other hand, Samsun doesn't create the touch layer on top of their screen, so that doesn't necessarily follow that Apple can't do it. In fact, the touch sensor on their laptops is giving them lots of practice. And their front-side touch sensor on their phones is glass, and there are no problems with that kind of thing happening.

    Secondly, there is no way Apple will place a fingerprint sensor on the ergonomically dead-end on back. Zero chance.

    Samsung's biggest problem was Microsoft's back in the past two decades. Vapor is the word. Look it up. They over promise and under-deliver on a regular basis. Apple rarely does the same. And that's why they sometimes appear to be behind. They're not. They're just waiting for the right time, considering user experience more important that being like the proverbial forum poster who gets on and types "First!" in the comment section. We don't respect them, why should we respect the technological equivalent?
  • Mark_6
    This is not a problem for me, having used both front sensors in the home button and rear sensors on he back, I don't want a front sensor. It causes a number of headaches mixing the fingerprint sensor with the home key, payment approvals through Finger ID going to home instead, Going home when you attempt to reopen a session where the screen has locked.... Give me the practical sensor on the back, particularly when you can use it for other functions through swiping as well.