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New ELAN G1 Remote Controls Your Whole House

You're probably already with the idea of a universal remote that controls every TV in your home, but now there's something similar for all of your smart home gadgets. The ELAN g1 Controller adapts to whatever smart home tech you have at home, as well as your TV.

ELAN generally produces high-end gizmos for homeowners and commercial A/V endeavors. In the past, the company has worked alongside smart home companies such as Honeywell, GE and Panasonic in order to create user-friendly apps and controllers. The company advertises that its new g1 Controller can control almost 100 smart home devices simultaneously and will cost less than $1,000 (ELAN did not provide a more specific price than that).

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The g1 Controller will, in theory, be able to control multiple security zones within a home, electronic locks, security cameras, lighting, thermostats and irrigation systems. The catch, of course, is that it will only be compatible with systems that use ELAN's operating systems. Users who want to pick up a g1 Controller should ensure that their devices are compatible with the remote, which they can do at ELAN'S website.

While the g1 Controller sounds like a clever gadget, there is one very obvious question hanging over its head: Why spend hundreds of dollars on a remote control when your existing mobile device can already control all of your smart home apps from a single source? Most smart home tech has a smartphone or tablet app associated with it, making a dedicated remote control a solution in search of a problem.

The g1 Controller is available now, although you'll have to check ELAN's website and buy it through one of their vendors in person (the device does not appear to be available anywhere online yet). If you simply must control your TV, your sound system and the rest of your house with the same gadget, it may be worth checking out.

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Marshall Honorof

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