Here's a Credit Card You'll Never Need to Replace

LAS VEGAS - Even as companies like Apple and Google work to increase mobile payments, a ton of people still use regular credit cards. At CES 2018 here today (Jan. 8), Dynamics introduced its Wallet Card, a digital credit card that holds the details of multiple accounts and has a cellular data connection so that banks can change your credit-account numbers instantly.

Credit: Andrew E. Freedman/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Andrew E. Freedman/Tom's Guide)

The Wallet Card has a 65,000-pixel e-ink display in its bottom right corner, and can switch among debit, credit, rewards and gift cards. But the best part of the card is how it works from a security perspective. If your card number is canceled due to fraud, your card issuer can simply change the account number, and it will instantly be reflected on the e-ink display. (This also works if your card expires.)

The display can also be used to display messages from banks, such as if a bank suspects fraud or offers a rewards programs telling you how many points you just earned on a transaction.

Dynamics' first partners include Visa, MasterCard and JCB, as well as banks in Canada, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and India, with more financial institutions to be announced later this year. On the cellular side, SoftBank and Sprint will be the first to power the card.

Despite having a display and a cellular-data chip, the Waller Card apparently doesn't need to be charged. Dynamics claims the card's power can last indefinitely due to a form of "organic recharging" through normal use. A company representative wouldn't give me more details on how this works. 

We hope "organic charging" does work seamlessly on the Wallet Card, because if it doesn't, you might suddenly be missing your credit, debit, gift and rewards cards.

To find out when your credit cards will be compatible with Wallet Card, you can sign up to receive notifications at

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  • jefferyhatman
    How do you apply for this card?
  • lsatenstein
    I think the card is a no-go. I used to travel, and I would have a two visas, and two mastercards and one or two gas cards. One visa for business expenses, one for personal expenses. I also had a bank card so I could withdraw cash, if I needed some.

    Now, suppose I misplace the card. And suppose I misplaced it while on a business trip, around 1000 miles from home. Could I get a hotel room without a card, could I even buy a meal, or rent a car or whatever. And suppose the card is stolen, or I am robbed at gunpoint for the card.
    What then?
    Its a card that does not make offer a backup in the event of a loss. Sorry, this is not for me. It would not be suitable for most travellers. As I traveller, I often use special cards for hotels. This digital wallet is not for me.