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Doritos to Give You a Chance to be a Pro Gamer

Ahh Doritos, a staple of the video gamer snacking roster. Now the chipmaker is bringing together mild-mannered video gamers with the professional side of the industry. Doritos and Major League Gaming (MLG) today unveiled the Pro-Gaming Combine, which the companies bill as the first-ever nationwide skills challenge in competitive video gaming history.

Starting tonight at 7 p.m. EST, aspiring video game pros can log on to and purchase team passes from MLG for the debut Doritos MLG Pro-Gaming Combine in Nashville, TennesseeMarch 26-28, 2010.  Passes for individual players go on sale at 7:00 pm ET on Wednesday, February 24, 2010.  

The following dates and locations are:

May 14-16, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois

July 23-26, 2010 in Denver, Colorado

October 15-17, 2010 in Washington, DC

"The partnership with MLG began last year with the goal of bringing pro football's combine concept to the competitive video game world," said Rudy Wilson, vice president, marketing, Frito-Lay.

At the Combine, will be scouted by MLG Scout Team and total of eight winners will be chosen, which will consist of the top four-person team and four individual players. Each winner will receive:

  • $500 cash prize
  • Roundtrip airfare of up to $500 per trip to attend the MLG Pro Circuit Event and National Championship Competition (pending eligibility for Doritos Finals Event)
  • 3-days lodging to attend the MLG Pro Circuit Event; team pass; ability to play on a Feature Station
  • Free entry into the Halo 3 Pro Circuit Event; opportunity to purchase reserved team pass
  • Profile page on Doritos MLG Pro-Gaming Combine Web site
  • The ability to play on a Feature Station at the upcoming Pro Circuit Competition
  • Gaming prize package, including Astro Gaming Headset, Flip Video Camera and more
  • Combine winner jersey

"Like any other sport, the transition from aspiration to 'living the dream' in professional video gaming is very difficult—it takes experience in different competitive environments, training with the better players, hard work, and sometimes a lucky break," said Sundance DiGiovanni, co-founder and chief brand officer of Major League Gaming.

Marcus Yam is a technology evangelist for Intel Corporation, the latest in a long line of tech-focused roles spanning a more than 20-year career in the industry. As Executive Editor, News on Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware, Marcus was responsible for shaping the sites' news output, and he also spent a period as Editor of Outdoors & Sports at Digital Trends.

  • JohnnyLucky
    What? No one year supply of Doritos?
  • Gin Fushicho
    HALO?! Seriously... Halo... Of course its going to be the most over hyped game ever. Again.
  • dafin0
    I dont think its really fair to call a game over hyped 2 years after it came out, if lots of people are still playing then it must be doing something right.
  • maigo
    Gin FushichoHALO?! Seriously... Halo... Of course its going to be the most over hyped game ever. Again.Still better than Counter Strike
  • enzo matrix
    Halo? Considering it is console only, count me out. Aswell as all the hardcore gamers.
  • pharge
    It is about time for Doritos to do something for us gamers.

    Think about how much Doritos we comsume per year!!!!

    It is about time for them to pay respect to one of their biggest "supporters!!1 .. :D
  • Shadow703793
    maigoStill better than Counter StrikeI like Halo CE on PC but Halo 2 on PC $ucks. Hate CS/CSS cause ther's just too many botters now.
  • AMDnoob
    When i saw "chipmaker" I immediately thought Intel.
  • rexoverbey
    This is mainly in part to do with Major League Gaming through Doritos.
    It's Halo because that is what draws the masses to MLG. Even the Halo MLG tournaments were broadcast on TV (G4). Plus everyone has heard of people like T-Squared, Str8 Rippin, and Final Boss.
  • scione
    personally i never eat while gaming except if its a very casual game because it tends to get messy and i don't want to grease up my keyboard or controller