DMP's Pica200 GPU is Behind Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is official as of this past E3, and even though we don't have pricing or availability yet, we've learned a little bit about what's inside the plastic casing.

Early rumors had Nvidia's Tegra inside Nintendo's upcoming handheld, but it's been now revealed that it's a GPU from Digital Media Professionals called the Pica200.

The specifications for it are as follows, according to 1UP:

  • Frame buffer: Maximum 4095x4095 pixels
  • Pixel format: RGBA4444, RGB565, RGBA5551, RGBA8888
  • Vertex program (ARB_vertex_program)
  • Render to texture
  • Mipmap
  • Bilinear texture filtering
  • Alpha blending
  • Full-scene antialiasing (2x2)
  • Polygon offset
  • 8-bit stencil buffer
  • 24-bit depth buffer
  • Single/Double/Triple buffer
  • Vertex performance: Maximum 15.3M polygons/sec (at 200MHz)
  • Pixel performance: Maximum 800M pixels/sec (at 200MHz)
  • DMP MAESTRO technology: per-pixel lighting, procedural texture, refraction mapping, subdivision primitive, shadow, gaseous object rendering

Want to see what this little GPU is capable of rendering? Check out the video below:

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  • Tindytim

    My only issue with this damn thing is, with all the other DSes' (whatever) is that they pack all these new features, but they still play the same DS games, except for those handful of games that take advantage of those few new features.

    Seriously Nintendo, just call it something else. This thing looking like it has some potential, don't **** it up like the other DS "revisions".
  • chodaboy
    Hey, isn't that Yoshimitsu?
  • ubernoobie
    That's pretty good for a ds