DMP's Pica200 GPU is Behind Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is official as of this past E3, and even though we don't have pricing or availability yet, we've learned a little bit about what's inside the plastic casing.

Early rumors had Nvidia's Tegra inside Nintendo's upcoming handheld, but it's been now revealed that it's a GPU from Digital Media Professionals called the Pica200.

The specifications for it are as follows, according to 1UP:

  • Frame buffer: Maximum 4095x4095 pixels
  • Pixel format: RGBA4444, RGB565, RGBA5551, RGBA8888
  • Vertex program (ARB_vertex_program)
  • Render to texture
  • Mipmap
  • Bilinear texture filtering
  • Alpha blending
  • Full-scene antialiasing (2x2)
  • Polygon offset
  • 8-bit stencil buffer
  • 24-bit depth buffer
  • Single/Double/Triple buffer
  • Vertex performance: Maximum 15.3M polygons/sec (at 200MHz)
  • Pixel performance: Maximum 800M pixels/sec (at 200MHz)
  • DMP MAESTRO technology: per-pixel lighting, procedural texture, refraction mapping, subdivision primitive, shadow, gaseous object rendering

Want to see what this little GPU is capable of rendering? Check out the video below: