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'Dead Rising 3' Celebrates Halloween With Nick or Treat Trailer

With Capcom's "Dead Rising 3" playing such a prominent part in the Xbox One console launch next month, the company has released a new trailer that celebrates today's event of Halloween in its own special way – with a lot of zombie bloodshed.

In the trailer, the main hero of the game, Nick Ramos, walks up to a door and rings the doorbell, only to be greeted by several undead patrons within the house. It isn't long before he kicks open the door and begins to dish out destruction on the zombies, between using a chainsaw while wearing a shark costume and shooting twin guns while donning mariachi duds.

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This promotional trailer ties in with Capcom's news about a season pass for "Dead Rising 3," one that features four downloadable content packs that will be released over the next few months. The pack will cost $29.99, or $9.99 for each individual chapter. The first one, "Operation Broken Eagle," will release in December.

"Dead Rising 3" releases on Xbox One on November 22nd, the same day the system heads to stores.

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