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Take Two and Tor to Produce BioShock Novel

Gamasutra today reports that Take Two has teamed up with sci-fi publisher Tor to produce a book based around the BioShock storyline. Due for launch in “Fall of 2009” the book promises to take us "deeper into the realms" of the BioShock story.

In a catalog page recently provided to Gamasutra, the site claims we’ll see both hardback and paperback versions of the 400 page book. The index lists 'Ken Levine' as the author however it is not yet known if the book will indeed be penned by Levine or just loosely based on his concepts. If you think the name Tor sounds familiar, that’s because Tor is the same company that brought us the Halo books.

As much as I love BioShock and reading separately, I have no desire to combine the two. But hey, that’s just one woman’s opinion. Are any of you interested in reading these books or are you just eager to get your hands on BioShock 2, also due this fall?

Check out the full story on Gamasutra.